After a long dreary day of school, I can post! My mom is home-schooled, and when she gets her work done, she teaches us public-school. So we’re sort of home-schooled, sort of public-schooled!

 Josefina groaned. “I failed my spelling test! Oh, Americano’s words are so different.

 “It is alright, Josefina. You will learn soon, mon amie. (my friend) American words are hard for me also, but I learn.” Cecile soothed.

 I grinned, hopping on my bed. “At least I made Science! Yikes, I had it confused between a tendon and a tendant! lol.” Josefina sighed. “I FAILED science!”
I then replied, “It’s alright, Josefina. You’ve had so much housework to do and so little time to study. I am sure Mama will understand.”

 “Besides, you don’t have to talk to her. I’m going to change into my play shoes and go to Mama and show her Molly-Anne’s new outfit. I’ll talk to her then.” Josefina nodded gratefully. “Gracias,” she whispered, forgetting to speak in English.

I carefully picked up Molly-Anne and slipped my winter boots on. I went to find Mama in the kitchen, making french bread, a treat for Cecile. I talked to her, and she understood. She said that Cecile and I should take on more responsibility. Not the kind of answer I wanted! ;) Oh well. At least Josefina will have more time to study tonight.

That’s it, girls! Our second day of Doll School. Maybe in the next post, you’ll see us actually DOING school! No promises, but a definite consideration!

So; Whaddya think of our little post today? Any recommendations for the next post? Any ideas on crafts, photo-stories, etc? Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, we’d love to hear from you; Just comment below! :D


Olly Molly
(with Josie and Cece!)