Did the title scare you? Sorry, mom is not moving houses. Us dolls are moving places.

Which just about breaks my heart. Why move so close to Josefina’s birthday? She won’t spend one birthday here! She’ll be spending it in a lonely corner in mom’s room! Right now we’re in mom’s parents’ room. I wish we didn’t have to leave. We’re leaving the day after tomorrow, I just can’t bear it. 

Seeing all our stuff getting packed just about ends my life. I can’t take it. 

This is where we’re moving. It’s so empty and lonely. Mom says we’ll love it once we get our closets, beds, and furniture moved in! She says she’ll even make new things such as lamps and alram clocks for us. She says everything will turn out alright. 

Why do humans ALWAYS say things like that?! Mom says she’s moved lot’s of times in her past, and it was easy for her because she didn’t have too many friends back then. Now, she has bunches. Easy for her to say! 

This is Molly-Anne’s luxury home. Seriously? Why don’t we get a home like that? Do we stink or something? 

It’s not far from us.
I can’t believe mom is ruining our lives, right before Josefina’s birthday. It just isn’t fair, leaving your comfy, cozy home who you met your new sisters in. Mom just doesn’t understand! Humans never do! 
I took a deep breath. I was an American Girl. AG says that crying doesn’t help. I have to be strong. I brushed my hot tears away and tried to make my meanest, toughest looking face I could muster. It didn’t help.
Well, maybe a little bit.
I still can’t believe we’re moving. I mean, right before Josefina’s birthday. Mom says that she knows best. For some reason, though, something doesn’t click. In the empty, lonely space, I practiced my gymnastics. I had to be tough. I could so do this. I was an AMERICAN GIRL!!
“Toughen up, Molly,” I cheered myself. “You’re a shooting star! Let your inner star shine!” 
Doing my back handspring and adding a little extra flair at the end, I felt strong. 
I could so get tough. I could so do this. I’m still me, and God’s still good!
Molly, Josefina and Cecile