Hello dollies and their mommies! It’s Molly with Cecile here. Today, Josefina’ birthday present that mom and her sweet little brother ordered from AG came in the mail today! We can’t wait till her birthday, we’re just imagining the look on her face… :D
Haha, we never told you what we bought! Well let’s explain it with…(what’s better?) PICTURES!

Mom pulled me and mom over to a corner. “I need to talk to you,” she said quietly. “Uh oh,” I thought. “Am I in trouble or something?” luckily, mom explained quickly to us that it was about Josefina’s birthday, that was why it had to be a secret and why we were talking in hushed tones. “Josefina’s birthday present came in the mail from AG today,” she said, obviously excited. “Come closer and see!”

I peered in over her shoulder. Sure enough, it was an AG box.

Carefully using the scissors to cut the tape closing the lid.

Opening it to reveal another AG outfit box! It was an outfit, an OUTFIT!!! I wondered what it was. 

I screamed! It was Josefina Night Shift! She’ll FINALLY have a night gown! She’s been wanting one ever since she’s been here, poor thing. All she sleeps in is one of her camisa’s (her long, white shirt under her long skirt) Cecile wanted to try it on, to make sure it fit and stuff for Josie. 

She held it up to herself. “Do you think it would look good on me, as well as Josefina?” she asked. “Of course,” I laughed. “Now hurry and try it on!” 

I gasped, throwing my hands in the air. “You’re beautiful!” I cried. Mom clapped her hand over my mouth, whispering, “Shhh!” I nodded, giggling.

An offer for a free AG trial magazine was in the box, along with some AG stickers and a catalogue! 
Are you excited for Josefina’s birthday? 
Molly, Madison and Cecile!
(Josefina is not joining with us for this post…because her birthday outfit is revealed! ;))