img_0153Hello, awesome person! It’s me, Chloe. As the titles states, we’ve got serious issues.

First of all, I don’t play a significant part in HOTH at all!

img_0154It’s like I’m totally useless or something. I’m always asking Madison if she can make me a bigger character, but she keeps saying no and that’s she’s already written out the entire thing!

img_0155That’s just our first serious issue. The second is…


Madison can’t keep our room clean for more than just a few days at the most! She always has such a big doll project going on and doesn’t clean up until it’s all done.

Which could be a while.

Because she tends to take on massive projects. And that’s super annoying to me.

For example, she thinks there’s no point in putting all the doll clothes back up while HOTH is still going because she might need them again! I get it that she has big plans for DWOD, but she’s making life miserable for ME!

img_0160Do you see how totally annoying that is? I mean, if seeing the doll room messy bugs Madison even a little bit, imagine how much it bugs ME! I’m literally the only one still living in it. All the others are in poses for HOTH or standing by Madison’s camera, ready to be taken outside and photographed for the already-written out finale. :'(

img_0162Like, Madison isn’t the one having to live amongst all this mess! But I am! I mean, everyone else is in their HOTH setups. I’m not a main character in HOTH at ALL! Everyone else but me is. I’m, like, the least featured person in all of HOTH and it’s not even fair! But no, everybody else has a huge part. Everyone else but ME!

img_0165None of them have to share a room with all this junk! I feel like five different hectic tornadoes just had an insane spasm and randomly decided to collide with each other and then exploded and sprayed out all this… stuff.

img_0166It’s not fair!

I know I’m complaining, but it feels good to let that out. I’m mostly just upset because I’ve never been featured in a major photo story series as a main character… ever!

I know I sound so selfish and immature. But I’ve held the position of Madison’s newest AG doll for over a year now, and I still don’t feel very featured in anything.

Maybe I’m just not important.

img_0168That’s when I see two cute little faces through my tears, peeking out from behind the bunk bed.

img_0169“Hey, guys,” I mumble.

“You’re sad!” Snowy pipes up innocently.

“Yeah,” Coconut agrees, cocking her cute little head. “Seeing you sad makes me sad.”

img_0170“Me too!” Snowy vigorously nods. “So we have a mission!”

Mission? What mission?

img_0171Voicing my thoughts, I ask, “What mission?”

img_0172Snowy and Coconut glance at each other and grin adorably. “Why, ‘Operation Make Chloe Feel Better’, of course,” Coconut answers.

Aw. They are sweet, but I doubt anything can make me feel better. I just have to accept that I’m not as important as the others, as much as I wish I was.

“You’ll be smiling in no time,” Snowy guarantees.

I don’t want to hurt their feelings, knowing I won’t smile anytime soon, but I nod vacantly anyway.

I was wrong.

img_0174“ATTACK!!” Scream the pets in unison, charging toward me and climbing up.

img_0175“Ahh!” I scream, and then I can’t stop laughing. They are tickling me!


“Hehehe! Ahh! Stop it! AHHH! Hehe! Haha! Hoho! Stop! I can’t take anymore!” I am gasping for air as I wiggle and squirm. They won’t stop tickling me and I’m laughing so hard I’m about to wet myself!

img_0176Finally my hands snatch them before I die of a tickling overload. “Okay, you too!” I gasp, breathless and smiling. “Mission accomplished!”

Coconut and Snowy beam. “Score!” They cheer in unison, smacking their paws in a high-five.

I laugh again because they are just so adorable and mischievous.

img_0177Then I glance over at Madison’s iPhone 7, which she takes with her when shooting photo stories. She writes down the dialog for all the posts and makes notes about which pictures go to which sections of speech so she knows exactly what pictures to take.

And then I think… Mischievous?

img_0179A maliciously evil grin spreads across my face until I’m beaming from ear to ear in pure mischief. Perhaps I could learn a thing or two from my furry friends about just that very thing.

img_0184Indeed, it’s time for a mischievous mission of my own. Perhaps a few pranks on the oblivious Madison and the lame actresses for HOTH are in order…


P.S. I might make a post about some of my pranks, so stay tuned. ;)