‘Sup! I’m Delaney. But you can call me Del ’cause we’re all cool, right? Right.

I’m a new kid around here. You might’ve heard of me. Probably not, because someone named Madison hasn’t gotten a profile of me up yet. You know how much that stinks? Probably not. I wanted to do my own but she said no, which is double stinkage.

I think I’m supposed to talk here — actually, wait, no I’m not. I’m not supposed to be playing around with this site’s settings or making posts or anything, but you know that Madison person I mentioned? She’s gone all week at a ministers’ and leaders’ conference and can’t do a thing about it, so I’ve snuck on here to post pictures of myself like a conceited padawon.

No, I didn’t spell padawan wrong. Padawan sounds whiny. A padawon is a padawan who is constantly winning at life.

Like me.

I’m just kidding. I’m not conceited. I don’t even think I look that great, but it’s nice that Madison took me out for a photoshoot the other day anyway.

Not that Madison is ever nice.

I should probably talk about myself? Idk. My hobbies include winning… at everything… and sports! Any sport. I love being active. And winning.

Oh! I’ve got a knack for epic mic-drops… witty one-liners… cool quotes… stuff like that. If you know of any, comment below. I love them.

I’m tough… I gut through stuff… and I was actually going to chicken out of doing this post but because I refuse to be afraid I decided to do it.

If you came looking for something exciting… too bad. But hey hey hey. Don’t look at me like that. There’s exciting stuff coming up that I’m supposed to announce. It would actually be sooner, but like I mentioned, Madison has been at a week-long conference.

Cool stuff coming up:

Del & K.C. Q&A

Heads Up Part 5

Oh… looks like I can’t tell you about the rest. ?

Uh oh. I have to make my escape really soon. Madison has to leave for the conference in like ten minutes and is going to come in her room really fast for her Bible and purse and stuff. AHHH WISH ME LUCK DON’T LET HER KILL ME BYE.

Actually, I guess two more photos can’t hurt.

Okay, now this is goodbye.

Oh, and I know there are some comments in moderation that Madison hasn’t replied to. That’s because she’s lazy. Or maybe just at the conference all week. One of the two. Probably the first one. Makes more sense.

But if you comment on this post, I will personally reply to you.




Kickin’ butt and takin’ names,

P.S. I might change my sign off. And it make it better. Because I like making things better. No. Make it THE BEST. ?