Whew! This only took about… forever and a day to get up. ? I’m going to blame it on my dolls and say it was all their fault for taking forever to choose new outfits. Because I definitely didn’t spend four days just getting them dressed and everything. ?

If you need a quick refresher since it’s been awhile, here are parts one, two, and three!

I hope you enjoy! 

In the POV of Taryn

The next day is just as awesome as I imagined. I am already loving my new life with Jesus and my new family, but now my sister is here, too? Nothing could be more amazing.

Cécile and Emelie are discussing their favorite part in Meet Cécile…

Chloe and Ellie are taking selfies again, and of course… Molly is photobombing…

Jasmine is helping Delaney choose a “fashionably-correct” outfit, and Katy is dying laughing over the entire scene of her disgusted reluctance…

And me? I’m just watching it all with Josefina by my side, soaking in the sights of my perfectly complete family.

Well, perfectly complete and crazy family.

In the POV of Delaney

I let out an exasperated ugh. “JASMINE, I don’t CARE. STOP making my hair ‘perfect’!”

“Delaney. You don’t understand what a montrosity of a fashion disaster I am saving you from.”

Katy Christine saves the day and distracts Jasmine from turning me into a fashionista by touching her hair. “Nice ponytail.”


“It looks like a red log.”

Jasmine whirls around and is about to lunge after K.C. “That’s it, missy! You shall pay the ultimate price of demise for touching the hair of The One and Only Miss Jazzy Jasmine!”

Evil mind twins have to save each other. I reach out and touch Jasmine’s hair next, and she shrieks again. “Okay, Miss Fashionably-Incorrect is paying with her demise first!”

“Catch me if you can!” I taunt, tugging on her ponytail before whipping around and sprinting off.

“YOU EVIL HAIR-RUINER!” Jasmine wails as she begins to chase after me. “PREPARE TO FACE YOUR DEMISE!”

I snicker. “I’ll prepare when you actually catch up to me… A.K.A. never.”

Just as I whiz pass Cécile, she catches my arm and swings me around, slowing me down as she then grabs Jasmine shoulder. Pulling us both to a hard halt, she says, “Guys. Chill.”

Tightening her grip, she pushes us both close together in an attempt for us to hug. “Get along.”

“I’m not a child,” I whine, trying to step as far away from Jasmine as possible.

“Then stop acting like one.”

Jasmine begins to whine too, but Cécile shushes her quickly. “Okay, you know what? Family bonding time. Everyone. And you and Jasmine sit next to each other.”

Chloe and Ellie groan, as they hate being interrupted from whatever it is they are doing, but Molly and Josefina cheer.

Look how far away Jasmine is sitting from Delaney ?

Soon, we’re all sitting down in an open square in the middle of the room. Jasmine and I scoot away from each other, and I grin when Katy plops next to me, followed by a smiling Taryn.

“Q and A,” Cécile announces. “Each one of us will ask a question, and everyone will get to answer.”

“That sounds fun!” K.C. pipes up.

“It is,” Cécile reassures with a smile. “I’ll go ahead and ask the first question. What is your middle name?”

“Christine,” Katy answers. “That’s why my nickname is K.C.”

“Danger,” I reply with an evil grin.

Everyone around me gasps and ooohs, and then I think Jasmine just laughs.

“Oh my gosh! No way!” Ellie gushes.

“That’s the coolest middle name ever!” Chloe squeals. “I wish my middle name was that epic!”

“Del!” Taryn scolds, leaning forward to look at me. “Your middle name isn’t Danger.”

Jasmine busts out in scornful laughter, and I just give Taryn a sheepish grin.

“Tell them your real middle name,” Taryn orders.

“Adair,” I sigh. “But it’s not as cool.”

“Are you kidding? That’s dramatic and beautiful! I’d love to have a middle name like that!” Chloe cheers.

“Chloe,” Cécile sighs. “Let everyone share their middle names.”

Everyone shoots out their middle names, and I really like Ellie’s — Mae. I also really like Jasmine’s middle name, Anna, but I don’t tell her that. ;)

Molly takes the stage next. “What are your hobbies?” She asks.

“Anything sporty and active,” I reply.

“Nature,” Katy nods. “Anything to do with nature — nature journaling, nature hiking, adventuring in the outdoors. Oh, I also like Christian rapping.”

The others quickly list their hobbies and then swing right back to us with another question. “Likes and dislikes?”

“Nature!” K.C. exclaims again. “The outdoors, plants, oh — the woods — and super-cool Christian electronic music and rap.”

I shrug. “Winning. At everything. I like being active, having a good time, and accomplishing things. I also pride in making witty comebacks, epic mic-drops, and catchy one-liners. As for dislikes… losing.” I shudder. “Then getting embarrassed… mortification… and I hate having to dress up for no reason. Oh, and I’m not too fond of schoolwork, but I’ll work hard at it if there’s an award or contest.”

“What about you, Katy?” Josefina asks. “Any dislikes?”

“Evolution,” K.C. sighs. “That and mosquitoes. Oh, and when people tell me to quit rapping.”

The others laugh at this, and soon I’m laughing, too. I really like my new roommates — my new family. They’re fun.

When Chloe and Ellie begin whispering, I turn my attention to them curiously.

“She’s perfect!” Chloe is begging.

Ellie’s expression is tight and grave. “I don’t know. If her skills are used for evil, she will destroy us.”

“She’s made of steel. Solid. Brave. She hates losing. We’re not a trio without a third person. This could save us.”

“Hey, Delaney,” Ellie pipes up. “What do you know about spying?”

“Espionage?” I question. “I’ve been doing it this entire time on Jasmine out of the corner of my eye. Every chance she gets, she’s scooting away from me.”

Jasmine shrieks and scoots farther away as Chloe asks the next question. “Ninjutsu? Pranks?”

“Stealth and sabotage? I’d do it any day.”

Ellie nods thoughtfully. “Come talk with us.”

“We’re an elite group of ninja-spies,” Ellie explains as soon as she and Chloe have pulled me behind the wardrobe. Chloe clings to the wall and keeps a lookout for any eavesdroppers, and Ellie keeps her voice low. “But we need to be a trio. We’ve been looking for a third person to join us, and when asking Taryn she said it sounds like something you would do.”

“Ninjaing? Spying? Pranking? I excel at all of these.”

Ellie raises an eyebrow and folds her arms. “It could be risky. We’ll be blogging all about it. Every fiber of your being… it is at risk. We let you in, you’re part of the risk. We don’t trust you… that much. If you’re going to be one of us, it’s on trial basis until you’ve proven your epicness.”

“I’ve proved that the moment I was made,” I drop the mic with a little eyebrow action of my own. “You are staring at the dictionary-definition, epitome of epicness right before your very eyes.”

Chloe and Ellie both raise their eyebrows in unison. Finally, Ellie nods. “Alright, Del. Help us think of an epic name for our trio, and you’re in.”

“Hey, hate to cut this short, but I need to talk to Delaney,” Cécile all of the sudden drops in on our private convo.

Chloe lets out a horrified gasp. “How did you get past me?!”

Cécile ignores her and continues talking. “Delaney, can I talk with you for a moment?”

Ellie grabs my arm protectively, which is exactly something I’d do. “No. She’s one of us. What you have to say to her, you can say to all of us.”

“Fine then,” Cécile shrugs unhappily. “Delaney, I’m really sorry, but there’s been a mistake. You’re not supposed to be here but in Tennessee.”

Chloe lets out a heart-breaking gasp, Ellie’s eyes widen, and the blood drains from my face in horror.


To be continued… in Heads Up – Part Five!

You didn’t think I was going to go without cliffhangers for too long, did you? ;)

Oh, and something I’m thinking of doing — a Q&A with you and Delaney + Katy! It’s just like any regular Q&A, but you’d be asking Del and K.C. questions instead of me or something. Would you like that? Does that sound fun?

And *laughs nervously* profiles coming soon. Funny enough, I have Delaney and K.C.’s profiles filled out and even the one of a future doll I want, but I haven’t even touched Taryn’s profile. *laughs nervously again* Don’t throw the rotten tomatoes, please.

Which one of your dolls is the sneakiest? Would a Q&A with Delaney and Katy be fun?

Much love and I am praying for you every day!

P.S. I tried sewing something from a pattern for Delaney the other day… and I did it completely wrong ? I thought of posting a picture, but… it’s pretty terrible ?