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I Was Supposed to Stay Home… but I Didn’t

We had a lot of trouble with the most recent HOTH sneak peek in which the guest star was revealed. We don't think it sent to everyone's inboxes or readers when it posted. Would you mind checking it out to see if it was an evilly naughty post and skipped you over? ... When Madison told all the dolls to stay put and then placed us up high so we would be safe from possible Hurricane Irma floods, I laughed in her face. Check it out!

Mini Doll Monday – A True Friend

Hello, all! Molly-Anne here. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! And Happy Mini Doll Monday, the most wonderful day of the week! Why? Because the wonderful mini dolls are featured, of course. And everyone knows mini dolls are the best things in the entire world. Alright, people have different opinions [...]

Memorial Day!

Hi everyone! Molly-Anne here! It's Memorial Day, time to remember all those who have died serving in the U.S. Military. Well, I'm about to go get ready for a Memorial Day picnic with my friends! What are you doing for Memorial Day?  :) ~Molly-Anne~ (oh, and, the next part of [...]

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