IMG_6199Like, have y’all missed ME or WHAT?! I haven’t posted on here, in like, forever!

In case you couldn’t tell, this is me, Molly-Anne!
IMG_6201I had a little exploration today.. I wanted to explore the backyard. The only time I’d been outside here was when Madison was filming the Runaway Princess.

IMG_6203“Woah,” I breathed.

IMG_6204“I’ve got a long walking distance to go before I get any climbable trees.”

IMG_6207“Awesome!” I gushed after pulling myself up in a decent-looking tree.

Then I let my legs rest a little, sitting on the branch and holding on so I wouldn’t fall. I gently kicked my legs back and forth, letting them hang limp. It felt good and relaxing after all that walking.

IMG_6208“This is so awesome!”

IMG_6209I hang on with one arm. “Woohoo!”

IMG_6210“This is so…” (you guessed it…)


IMG_6212I scampered up a fence post and took a few breaths. It was hot – I knew exactly what I needed to cool me down!


All of the sudden, the sun came out behind a cloud. The leaves did little to shade me.

“OK, time for Plan B…”

IMG_6217I splashed my feet in the pool. “This is the life!”

IMG_6218Bye, you guys! Thanks for reading.

With a little help from Madison. I repeat, she only helped A LITTLE!

Do your mini dolls explore outside?