That’s right! Part two is here. Ready to see the rest of my school day?

 IMG_0044I stepped outside and grinned to myself. Jasmine had been wrong. The rain this morning had cleared up, leaving only a miserably humid and steamy sunny day behind it.

I looked around the backyard and my eyes landed upon the perfect subject of my science expedition.

IMG_0053Tree bark.

IMG_0070I zoomed over to the tree as fast as I could.

IMG_0073“This bark is very textured,” I mumbled aloud to noone in particular, “and falls off very easily. I wonder why.”

IMG_0082“How interesting!”

Examining the bark led to a few questions for which I found the answers simply by studying the bark some more. I felt it, sniffed it, and even tasted it. What? Don’t look at me like that! I’m more daring than you’d think!

Uh, don’t try that at home, though. It tasted nasty.

IMG_0075“Ants? There are ants in this tree? Absurd. And cool. I better take notes.”

IMG_0083In my scrawl I jotted down a few notes about the bark and the different insects and bugs crawling on the tree.

IMG_0085“God sure knew what He was doing when He made creation,” I sighed to myself. “It’s all so beautiful and so intelligently designed. It truly is an honor to be studying and learning about science.”

IMG_0090I walked back toward the house on the landscaping edge after gathering a pretty nice collection of notes about the bark. When I came inside, I typed it into a little report of what I had observed about it.

IMG_0043For English grammar, by the way, Madison will tell us anything gramatically incorrect we did on our reports about science or history or Bible. She’ll help us correct it and understand the right way to do it next time. For Bible, we type a report on what we learned about that day’s Bible reading plan. Most everyone’s is different, and Madison enjoys reading our views on it.

Of course, I got an A on my science report. I love being a star student!

IMG_0044Oh! Coconut! What are you doing here?

IMG_0047Coconut says she deserves an A+ in being the best dog in the world. Well, I don’t know how many dolly dog owners would agree with you, Coconut, but you get an A+ in my book! ;)

How was your first day of school?


and Coconut ;)