When Jasmine and Molly-Anne had their birthday party last month, I couldn’t forget about their photoshoots! It’s tradition, after all, to give each doll a photoshoot for their birthday. I found this beautiful spot where a very large bush grows on our neighbor’s side of the fence, coming nearly halfway over to our side as well. In the month of October, it blossoms with all these small and beautiful white flowers that drop down below. I knew it would be the perfect spot for Jasmine’s photoshoot and that I had to take pictures of her before the gorgeous white flowers went away. And that’s exactly what I did last month! I took a ton of photos (I mean a TON ;) ), but I picked out a few favorites. Would you like to see them?

jaz4I hope you like light streaks as much as I do, because there are a lot of them! ;)

jaz5Light streaks! ❤️

jaz6I really like the bouquet of flowers that Jazzy is holding!

jaz7I love the light streaks on this one!

jaz8And this one. ;)

jaz9Ooh, ooh! This one, too! ❤️

jaz10Aren’t the white flowers beautiful?

jaz11Hey, more light streaks! ;)

jaz12I think this is the only photo that doesn’t have any light streaks… ?

jaz13They’re back! ;)

jaz14*gasp* More light streaks!

jaz15Still more light streaks, but slightly and toward the bottom of the photo. ;)

jaz16I ❤️ this one!

jaz17This one, too.

jaz18I love all of them! ?

That’s about it! I had to really choose between the ones I loved versus the ones I just liked. So instead of fifty photos, it ended up being only sixteen (if you count the featured image ;)  ). LOL! As you can see, I’m obsessed with light streaks I’m trying to improve my photography and editing skills! You never stop learning. ;) What do you think of the photos? Were they any good? I love them all I’m not too great of a judge on my own stuff, so that’s why I ask you awesome readers!

I can’t pick a favorite, but can you? What do you think of my photography and editing right now? Is there anything I could do to improve? Let me know in the comments below!



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