I used a green screen in my Mystery Of The Bastille Ring series and the Black Friday Shopping AGSM. That’s how the girls went to the “Desert,” “Saudia Arabia,” and  “Anartica” in The Mystery of the Bastille Ring series, and how they went up the escalator in the Black Friday Shopping AGSM.

I thought I’d share how I did that, and here are the original pictures I did at the green screen studio downstairs- curtesy of my awesome dad, owner of Power of God World Outreach, and associate pastor at River of Grace church! (if you’d like to support his ministry, please do so by clicking here! FOR NO EXTRA COST THEN YOU’RE ALREADY SPENDING! :) Just ask your mom or dad first!)

Well here are the green screen photo’s! :D

IMG_3339In the Black Friday Shopping AGSM, I cropped this photo where it only showed their feet, then turned it upside down in iMovie and pasted it using the green screen effect onto the escalator picture!

IMG_2301Same thing with this – except I didn’t crop or edit it. All original. :)

And then I used a white screen behind my dolls for my header. My dad added the blue stars background in Photoshop. THANK YOU MY TOALLY AWESOME DAD! :D

IMG_2122Pretty cool, eh? It makes my AGSM’s a whole lot cooler :)

I hope you enjoyed a little behind-the-scenes of my AGSM’s and a huge shout-out to my awesome dad! Remember to check out powerofGOD.com and support world missions by clicking here! :)

Until next time,