Hello dollies and their mommies! ;) I’ve been been pretty busy the last few days… (flu shot, finding out my eye sight is getting blurrier, not enough for glasses though, super long over-due Christmas party, getting my loose tooth pulled today because I cracked it in half…I’ve had really bad tooth problems…sealants, five crowns, and on a desperate hunt to find my toothpaste. LOLOLOL!) and I apologize for that. But I HAVE been hard at work on my new stop-motion film, “The Return of Jessie Parks” so please don’t think I’ve been neglecting everything! LOL!

I finally figured out how to work the family camera and took some great shots of Emilie today. She plays as the Prison Guard “Pam” in “The Return of Jessie Parks”. She really loves being a dolly actress, and she wanted to share a few words with you as I show you these cute photo’s of her!


IMG_8953IMG_8954“‘Ello there, everyone! Emilie here! I star as a prison guard named Pam in The Return of Jessie Parks. You might have noticed me in the trailer for it, if you’ve watched it. Even though I play as a minor role, I still have just as much fun as the lead roles!”

IMG_8956 IMG_8960 IMG_8958“You might have noticed me wearing a heavy denim coat, and a cap and badge that say Prison Guard. That’s my costume for this stopmotion film that hasn’t been completed yet (after all, we’re still working on it). You also might have noticed my bare feet. I wore some black boots whenever I starred in a scene, but when there came a scene to film both Cecile and Josefina (Betty and Maria in this film) I needed to let “Maria” borrow my boots to look FBI/spy-ish.”

IMG_8961IMG_8962“Here I am in full uniform (minus the black boots!)”

IMG_8965“This denim coat was actually sewn by Madison’s “Aunt” Annette, for her dolls for Christmas of 2012. It came with a jean skirt. Aunt Annette has sewn many outfits for her dolls, including a sleeping bag!”IMG_8963“Well, all this photo-shooting and attention has made me quite a bit tired. If you don’t mind, I’ll wrap this up so I can get a snooze. Take care now! Cheerios!”

Madison here again. :) Let me know if you liked the photo’s I took of her! :)

Have a blessed day,