Bonjour! The lovely Cecile Rey here. A few minutes ago, I found this lovely swimming pool downstairs, so I rushed upstairs and got our swimsuit and wrap on and then grabbed a towel. It’s just freezing outside, so thank goodness the swimming pool I found is INSIDE!

I dove down the stairs (literally!)
Almost there……
I’m entering the nursery! This is where all the babies/toddlers stay when church is going. (we live in the parsonage of our church)
Here it is! Here’s the swimming pool!

I spread my towel on the floor and was about to jump in when “CECILE REY! WHAT IN TARNATION ARE YOU DOING?!?!!” I looked back. “Oh! Hi mom! I’m about to go swimming. I put my hair up so my curls wouldn’t get all messy–” “Cecile, that is NOT a swimming pool!” “It isn’t?”
My mom threw back her head and laughed. “No, honey, it isn’t. What you’re looking at is a human toilet!” “WHAT?!?!?!!!” “Yes, honey, a toilet. Please ask me before you go anywhere so I can stop you from getting into trouble, thank goodness I was here to stop you, ok?” I nodded and said “Okay mom.”
I looked longingly at the toilet swimming pool. I wish I could swim…
“C’mon honey, let’s go upstairs, it’s just freezing down here.” my mom told me. With one last wistful glance at my ‘swimming pool’ I reluctantly followed my mom upstairs.
How do humans do it so easily?!
Anyways, since I couldn’t go swimming in real water, my mom and I substituted by doing the body float on blue pillows! Well, only me.
Have you ever swam in a pool before?
Cecile Rey :)
(by the way, this is our 100th blog post! CELEBRATE!!!)