Hello, everyone! Molly here! Do you remember when we did our most recent Shout-Out-Your-Doll-Site? The one about us planting sunflower seeds? Well, they certainly are growing tremendously! Take a look!IMG_4612Oooh, a pretty angle.

IMG_4613I have a name for each separate plant. Marzetta, Tallulah, Enrique, and Dijournua. (psst, pssst! You might have heard Madison’s wishes for three new dolls. Isabelle, Ivy, and MAG #33. She was going to name Isabelle; Evangilana Winifred Palmer, MAG #33; Carillon Alyssa Palmer (she’s going to be Isabelle’s adopted sister) and Ivy; Jenna-Rhea Ivy Ling, but decided to change Isabelle’s name to Dijournua Tallulah Palmer, and #33’s name to Marzetta Enrique Palmer! :))

IMG_4614They are growing really quite nicely.

IMG_4615Yep, I am sitting on the windowsill! :o)

IMG_4616When these get to be three inches, it will be time to transplant them to a bigger pot.

Grow up fast, little plants! Grow up to be big, beautiful sunflowers.

IMG_4617Do you like to grow little plants or herbs on your windowsill?