Hehe. Molly-Anne(Mini-Molly) here. Get ready for a wild adventure, right here in Delightful World of Dolls!

It was a normal day in the life of American Girl. Molly (my owner) was sitting in the Our Generation Salon Chair, waiting for her hair to be styled.

Cecile was cleaning up,

Josefina was brushing her hair,

And I was on Molly’s bed, as usual. 
But only I sensed that something was terribly wrong. 
Coconut was missing.
Now usually I would be glad that Coconut was missing, but Molly and the others didn’t know their ‘sweet’ dog was missing. To me, Coconut only chased me!!

“Molly, Coconut’s hiding again,” I tried to climb up the footrest of the Salon Chair. Molly was too busy deciding which style she wanted.
“GUYS!!! COCONUT’S MISSING!!” I shouted. Nobody paid any attention. “Why do I have to do everything for them?” I thought, beginning to search. 

Under the Salon Cape,

In Molly’s toybox,
And in a shoe.

“HELP!!!! HELP!!!!! I’M STUCK!!!!! CALL 911!!!!!!” Eventually, I found out this wonderful invention alled Velcro. I opened one flap, and the Velcro worked, and I got out! YEA!
Well obviously Coconut was nowhere to be found, and I was quite glad. Now I could rome about the house without the fear of Coconut chasing me. 

Until I heard a familiar bark. UH OH. Coconut had been hiding in the laundry basket all this time! GRR!!! “AAARRF!!! RUFF RUFF RUFFF!!!!!!!!” Moaned Coconut, charging toward me. NNNOOO!!!

“GET OFF ME, YOU MUTT!!!” I screamed.
Then, Molly came down form the Salon Chair and grabbed Coconut. “Molly-Anne!” she scolded. “You were supposed to stay on my bed! You know you can’t come on the ground when Coconut is let loose!” 

WHAT?! I thought. I was just trying to help them find Coconut! 
Oh, well. Only Mini Dolls know what good deeds they try to do!
18 inch dolls are SO annoying.
~Molly-Anne, hehe! :)