IMG_0963I walked around the room, scouting out a good place to sit down and play with my new doll, Christina.

IMG_0964Coconut, wanting to be a part of the fun, tagged along at my heels.

IMG_0969“This looks like a nice spot!” I smiled to myself as I found soft pillow in the corner of Madison’s room.

IMG_0972“What do you think, Christina?” Christina is my new best friend. I love her so much!

“Perfect,” Christina replied sweetly from my arm.

IMG_0973I sat down and got comfortable, then released my grip on Christina. Coconut jumped up and cuddled under my arm.

IMG_0976“Let’s play, Christina!”

*Let us now SWOOSH into the world of playing…*

IMG_0977Christina was a young orphan girl living in Toy World. Despite the unfortunate situation of being abandoned, she was not alone. Her companion was a toy dog, and the two loved each other like siblings.

IMG_0978The dog, named Coconut, took care of Christina like her own.

IMG_0979She always guarded Christina when they slept in their pillow lean-to.

IMG_0980And whenever a neighbor was kind enough to give them some leftover food, Coconut always made sure Christina had enough before Coco herself ate.

IMG_0981Christina grew up five years under the loving care from Coconut.

IMG_0982To her, Coconut was not just a dog. Coconut was her teacher, her mother figure, her best friend.

IMG_0983Coco taught Christina many life lessons, including respect, honesty, courage, and humility.

IMG_0984Together, they faced the cruel world bravely.

IMG_0985One day, when Christina had just turned nine years old, Coconut was off to find food. A gust of wind from the overhead fan blew up a little dust which stang Coconut’s eyes, and she couldn’t see where she was going.

The horse had run off from its owner and wasn’t looking where it was going either. Blinking rapidly, Coconut stumbled into a passing horse’s path.

IMG_0987And was trampled.

“COCONUT!!!” Came the ear-piercing scream from Christina when she turned around. Running to her, Christina knelt down and began to sob.

Her teacher – friend – mother figure – was dead.

IMG_0988What on earth could she do? How could she survive without Coconut?

IMG_0989A passing young, mini-doll peasant came strolling by and heard Christina’s sobs. “Why, little girl, whatever is the matter?” She asked.

IMG_0990“Are you alright? Why are you crying?”

Christina did not know this woman. Coconut had warned her about stranger danger. But Coconut also taught her about God, and a teeny tiny little voice inside of her told her it was OK to trust this lady. Maybe God had sent this peasant woman to help her!

IMG_0989“I’m an orphan,” Christina began quietly. “I was abandoned when I was four years old. Then a wonderful God-send came and helped raise me. But she just died. So now I am alone.”

“Oh, poor child! I…I…” The peasant woman was deep in thought for a minute. “I’m Miss Montoya. I don’t have much to offer you. No expensive toys or store-bought clothes. But you can come and live with me, and I’ll take you in.”

IMG_0991Christina wrapped her arms around Miss Montoya gratefully.

“Oh, yes! I would love that! Thank you!”


IMG_0993“This is my modest home. It is not much, for I am very poor, but I am just grateful to have a roof over my head and a small job to keep food on the table.”

Much of a table, indeed, Thought Christina. It was a little stool with a peice of cloth draped over it! Still, it is much better than nothing. How wonderful it is that Miss Montoya is taking me in.

IMG_0994There was a large blanket rolled up to resemble a bed in a corner, and Christina wondered where she would sleep. Probably on the floor, she thought to herself. Surely there won’t be much room for both of us on the tiny pallet. But I’m used to sleeping on the ground.

IMG_0995There were some cabinets in the other corner, which looked about the nicest thing in the entire room.

IMG_0996“Here, dear, it isn’t much, but I bet you are starving.” Miss Montoya came back from frying an egg for her outside over a small fire.

IMG_0997“Come and eat.”

IMG_0998She slid a small mug of water to her as well. “Thank you so much, Miss Montoya,” Christina thanked her happily.

IMG_0999That night, it turned out there was enough room for both Miss Montoya and Christina. She gave her a big hug.

It looks as last Christina has a mother figure in her life again!

But what will happen to Christina in the future? Stay tuned!

To be continued…

P.S. Madison here! What do you think of Chloe’s new hairstyle? I love it so much! Her curls are SO cute this way! I’m keeping her hair like this, it looks amazing on her!