Hi! I was dressing up my dolls today and created an all-new hairstyle for Molly. I thought to myself, “Wow, Molly looks like a princess!” and then it hit me. Just like that – EUREKA! An all-new photo-story series was formed!

Oh, by the way…I’ll be the narrator. :)


King Stewart – Emilie
Queen Jaylin – Jasmine
Princess Clara-Belle – Molly
Servant Cécile – Cécile
Servant Josie – Josefina
Private Tutor Mz. Montoya – Josefina

IMG_3884King Stewart and his wife, Queen Jaylin, were sitting upon their thrones with Servant Cécile there in case they needed anything.

IMG_3885“Well, Stewie, Honey, I do believe this is the day we tell Clara-Belle the news.” Queen Jaylin announced, looking at the King. “Yes,” King Stewart agreed.

IMG_3886“You, there, servant girl!” Queen Jaylin cried.

IMG_3887Cécile quickly turned all attention to The Queen. “Yes ma’am?”

IMG_3888“Summon my daughter, Princess Clara-Belle, at once.”

IMG_3890“Yes, ma’am, right away ma’am,” Cécile replied, bobbing a quick curtsey before scurrying off to do as she was told.

IMG_3891She pulled away the curtain to Clara-Belle’s bedroom.

IMG_3892“Princess?” Cécile inquired. “Your mother, Queen Jaylin, requests your presence.”

IMG_3893Princess Clara-Belle was getting some beauty sleep.

IMG_3894At the sound of Cécile’s voice, she awakened. “Oh! I did not mean to wake you in your slumber. I apologize, Princess.” Cécile exclaimed in shock. Her duty was to make the kingdom happy. “Oh, no, it’s quite alright,” Princess Clara-Belle told her, always sweet and kind to the servants.

IMG_3896“May I ask why my Mother and Father wish to see me?” Princess Clara-Belle inquired as Cécile escorted her down the hall. “With all due respect, Your Highness, but I’m afraid that is the King and Queen’s question to answer,” Cécile replied, not sure if she should share the reason or not.

IMG_3897“Clara-Belle!” her over joyed mother greeted her daughter when she entered the room. Clara-Belle fell to her knees and touched her Mother’s hand. “Rise, my child,” Queen Jaylin said.

IMG_3898“My dear, sweet girl,” Queen Jaylin started. “It is with much prayer, lot’s of thinking and talking with your father that we’ve decided to get you a private tutor. Being eight years old, you ought to start lessons, growing up to be a well-educated young lady. I did not have this chance when I was your age.”

IMG_3900“WHAT!” Clara-Belle cried, raising her hands in despair. “But, mother! What-what if my new tutor’s mean? And crabby?” “Sweetie, you’ll get to meet your tutor and decide if you want her to teach you or not.” “But, mother! I don’t WANT lessons! Having to wear fancy shamncy dresses and being treated like a baby is already bad enough!”

IMG_3901“Clara-Belle Elizabeth Johnson! You know better than to act like that. You’re a young lady. You are going to have a tutor!” When the King spoke, everyone listened.

IMG_3902“I’m sorry,” Clara-Belle finally said, blush color coming to her cheeks. Even Princesses had to control their temper.

IMG_3904“Listen, Clara-Belle,” Queen Jaylin said sweetly. “Take a seat.”

IMG_3899“Your father and I have decided what’s best for you. I know you may not like it now, but we want you to grow up into a beautiful, well-educated young woman. Can you trust us?” With a shaky breath and a tiny bit of faith, Clara-Belle said, “Ok. I trust you and father.”

IMG_3905Servant Cécile led her to her room.

IMG_3906“Do you have any idea who my new tutor will be?” Princess Clara-Belle asked. “No, Your Highness, But I know someone who does. Begging your leave, Princess, and I will go get her for you.” Servant Cécile answered. Princess Clara-Belle gave a slight nod of the head, signaling her to go. Cécile left with another quick curtsey.

IMG_3907No more than a few moment later, another servant appeared at the door. “Princess Clara-Belle?” she inquired, curtseying. “It is I,” Clara-Belle answered.

IMG_3908“I am told you want to know who your new tutor is. You will like her. She is my older sister. She’s been a tutor for a long time. She taught me to read.” Clara-Belle smiled. “Is she nice?” “Oh, yes ma’am.” “Thank you for telling me. What is your name?” “Josie Maria Montoya.” “Thank you, Josie. You may go.” With a nod, Josie was off.

IMG_3909Princess Clara-Belle’s head whirled with questions, too much for a tired mind to handle. She slid down for a restful slumber…..

And that is the end of Part One of the CLARA-BELLE THE PRINCESS Photo-story Trilogy.

Tune in soon for another thrilling episode of..Clara-Belle the Princess! :)

Until next time,


P.S. How do you like the new photstory series? :D