Ahhh! I am in an awesome stopmotion sensation! Rain, Rain, Go Away (go back two posts to see it) just wasn’t enough to satisfy my love for stopmotioning, and I’ve spent two whole days on it. It was sooooo beautiful outside – Spring weather, in fact – and it was in the middle of January, so of course I took this as an opportunity to do a stopmotion I’ve always wanted to do- my dolls climbing the dirt mounds! It’s pretty much like mountains to them. From construction next door, the people there asked if they could dump this extra dirt on our property. Since we have a lot of holes on our property we said yes. After we filled the holes…LOOK HOW MUCH WAS LEFT OVER! I had fun climbing on them and ever since then I knew my dolls would too. So, get a load of this – It’s time for…


Enjoy! :)


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