Hi! Madison here! I’ve been working this post for a LOOOONG time. Well, maybe not THAT long, but I’ve been planning it since Thursday of last week!! All the pictures got mixed up so it took me like, thirty minutes to sort them out and put them in their right places with directions and stuff. So many little ways to play with your dolls and things you can craft and create to make playtime complete. I know when I first had Molly, I did everything with her – but needed more play ideas. A lot of websites and doll blogs helped me back then – and there are even more now! I want to be part of it – I’d love to provide girls with a safe place to find awesome stuff for their dolls!

So get ready to have an awesome time with your dolls! If you’re not really into “playing” with dolls but still love them, try stopmotioning! :)


Play Idea #1: This time of year, everybody’s got them chapped lips! To make some lip balm for your doll, go to our Doll Play Ideas Craft Page. Craft is #1.

#2: Homeschool your doll if you have less than three (it’s easier that way) or public school them if you have more! (you, or one of your dolls, being the teacher, there really is no easier way, because either way you’re still schooling them! ;)) Make a pencil by clicking the link to our pencil craft we did back in April. Make a folder by going to our Doll Play Ideas Craft Page. Craft is #2.

#3: Make your doll a laptop! Now that it’s 2014, companies are coming out with all new tech-y devices and knick-knacks! Get your doll in the groove, too, by letting her play on a new laptop! She will love it! You can make one by going to out Doll Play Ideas Craft Page. Craft is #3. Even Historical Dolls will like this! :) Remember to set some guidelines about what she goes on or how much time she spends on the computer – if not, her brain might turn to mush! hehe ;)

#4: If she’s a historical, act out her scenes from one of her books! You can even use your other dolls as other characters, if you have more than one. But remember, even Historical Dolls can be modern, too, if they want to! :)

#5: Fashion Runway is definitely one of my faves to play!Try using red fabric as a long carpet and mix ‘n match the clothes your doll already has. You could have her be half-historical, half-modern – or half bed time, half day time! Or create an all- new crazy layered look! Which ever outfit she chooses, she’ll be a fashion runway star for sure! Take lot’s of pictures so your doll can remember her little cat-walk day! :)

#6. Make a place to store all of her photo’s by making a scrapbook! Liz at AmericanGirlFan has a craft on this.

#7: Get creative with a medium box to make a doll-sized lemonade stand! You can paint it yellow or decorate with yellow construction paper. Write a sign for it, too! Maybe, “Lilah’s Lovely Lemonade!” “25© a cup! Fresh Lemonade!” “Caroline’s Cool-Off Drinks – Lemonade at 25© a glass!” whichever slogan you use is up to you and your doll! Wal-Mart sells this pack of little rinse cups that work as doll sized cups PERFECTLY. You could use yellow bake clay (so it won’t dry up in the cup for the lemonade. A clear coffee mug would probably work as a pitcher! You can even mold some lemons and half-lemons out of clay or playdoh, too.

#8: Have a doll movie night! For more than 1 doll: have all your dolls cozy and comfy in one place. Make your dolls some pop corn (it can be real or playdoh/bake clay) Geth them all in their pJ’s and use your mobile device  on a tripod or propped up against something as a movie screen! Do full screen on a video – maybe even one of ours! For 1 doll: Make yourself some popcorn and get your doll and yourself in some PJ’s! Turn on a movie (suggested – an AG movie! it would fit, wouldn’t it? :)) Get under the covers with and share secrets! But be careful – before too long, it’ll be lights out for both of you! Sweet Dreams, and wake up feeling refreshed! :)

#9: Take her to church with you! Whatever you believe in, let your doll have a chance to be part of it, too! I dress up my doll and fix her hair pretty. A cute up-do with a bow is what my dolls usually fix their hair to. Since our church is really small and casual (almost everyone’s wearing shorts or jeans to church, hehe!) it’s nice to see some little fancy Nancy action! ;) I help my doll understand the sermon and talk about what she’s learned. I use those little pocket Bibles for regular Bibles for my dolls. SO cute. I’m thinking of putting them on a Bible reading plan. It’s a great way for me to stay in God’s Word, too. :)

#10: Read books with her! American Girl Short Stories are just their size. What’s her reading level? Is she a Fancy Nancy book kinda gal or does she like reading more chapter books, like Nancy Drew? Hang out and have a reading time together!