IMG_6935Arf, arf! Coconut, here. Boy, is it hard to type with my little paws. Isn’t it nice to have the little speech-to-text thing? Can you believe is translates dog language?

Anyways, where was I? Oh, yes. Coconut here, but you knew that already. You’re really smart.

Now what was I saying?

Oh yeah! Speaking of smart, I’m a really smart dog. I know how to spot a good friendship when I see one, you know. Well, I not always did – it’s been a year since Snowy, Ellie’s polar bear pet who is secretly alive, has been with us, and I’m just now getting a chance to get to know him.

It all started one night when I was just dozing off. The dolls were getting ready for bed and I was warm and cozy in my doggie bed.

IMG_6936But wait! All was not right! My highly sensitive doggie ears heard something the doll’s ears could not. It was a sound coming from the kitchen!

A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. I lept up and sped towards the kitchen. This didn’t sound ordinary!

IMG_6937When I arrived, my doggie jaw dropped almost to the floor!

IMG_6939There was a polar bear digging in our freezer!

My surprise could not have been greater. That was Snowy – Ellie’s stuffed animal! He was alive?!

Then it hit me – oh, yes. I remember. I met him when Jocelyn and I were solving a mystery. He was alive!

IMG_6940I marched right over to him and demanded, “Excuse me! What are you doing in there?”

IMG_6941Snowy looked up. “Oh, hello! Who are you? Have we met before?”

“Coconut,” I responded. “And yes, we have met before, but that was a year ago. Now do you mind telling me just what you’re doing in there?”

IMG_6942Snowy didn’t reply. Instad, he buried his face back in the freezer and jumped out with a package of some sort.

A package that smelled delicious.

IMG_6943“I dunno what this says, but it smells good,” Snowy grinned. “Wanna share it?”

It was hard to respond back. My mouth was watering.

I licked my chops. Slurp.

IMG_6944I watched him dive face-first into the package after pawing it open. Beef patties! I finally identified the smell.

But what would the dolls have to say about this?

“I can’t,” I mumbled. I’d get in so much trouble if they knew!

IMG_6945Snowy popped his head up only briefly to ask, “Why aren’t you eating any? Don’t you like beef?”

My mouth was watering horribly. I licked and slurped and stared at the beef package. I tried to reason with myself.

Well, the beef will probably spoil anyways, it’s most likely close to the due date. And nobody wants grilled hamburgers anyways, I mean, they’re all crazy about hotdogs now. So I’d really just be doing them a favor. It’s what good pets do…

IMG_6946“Move over, Snowy! I want some!”

IMG_6947When we were finished, we carefully hid every last trace of evidence in the drawer underneath the oven. Heh, heh. Nobody will find it there… Hopefully.

IMG_6948“That was fun! Thanks for sharing with me!” Snowy told me once we had hid the empty package. He wrapped his tiny, furry little paws around me in a hug.

He was a nice fellow, and not to mention, a good friend already. It was good to have a friend that was your size… I couldn’t help but liking this guy. He was funny, had a good personality, and liked to adventure, just like me. He would make a good friend.

IMG_6949And so Snowy and I became friends! All because of some delicious, mouthwatering beef. Surely the dolls will think that’s an honorable cause, eating some beef and making a friend, won’t they? I mean, hopefully they never find out, but you never know.

Until then, this is Coconut the wonderful tomboy dog that hates bows, but you already knew that, signing off!

⇔ Coco ⇔
(Those are doggie bone symbols)