FullSizeRender-16Hey, guys!! Celina here – do you remember our very first Mini Doll Monday post? The time I visted the forbidden Stuffed Animal Kingdom and fell in love with a little kitten named Meow Meow, and how she wouldn’t be my pet but promised to come visit?

Well today, she DID visit! Can you believe it?! I was so happy to see her again!

FullSizeRender-14Here I am petting her. She is so sweet and adorable!

FullSizeRender-3“You’re so cute, Meow Meow, yes you are! Oh yes you are! Who’s a little cutie pie? Who’s a little cutie piiiiiie?”

FullSizeRender-1“Smile, Meow Meow!”

Oh my goodness, would you look at that adorable little kitten face?

FullSizeRender-4I laughed and laughed until my sides hurt as I watched Meow Meow play with the little piece of string I dangled before her.

FullSizeRenderShe finally caught it! I laughed out loud again.

I was giggling so loud and having so much fun that I didn’t notice Molly-Anne walk in behind me.

FullSizeRender-6She plopped right down behind me.”Golly! Where’d you get that kitten?!” She exclaimed, falling head over heels in love with the adorable ball of fluff like I did.

FullSizeRender-5It was then I admitted my sneaky journey to the forbidden Stuffed Animal Kingdom. Molly-Anne’s luminous eyes went big. “Wow, what an adventure!” She gushed, envy hinting in her voice. “I wish I had been the one to make a secret journey early in the morning to the Stuffed Animal Kingdom!”

FullSizeRender-15She laid down and watched with me, captivated, as Meow Meow prepared to pounce on that piece of string!

We had such fun! Meow Meow’s visit was incredible, and I thought she would stay longer.

FullSizeRender-7That’s why I was surprised when she announced her leave. It was the first time she had spoken since her visit here, and Molly-Anne’s jaw dropped when she heard her speak! But then again, she should have expected it. Dolls can talk, so why not stuffed animals?

“I must go now,” Meow Meow mewed quietly. “I cannot stay a moment longer, I really can’t. If they find out I am gone, it will not be good tidings for me. I’m not really supposed to leave!”

FullSizeRender-11“What?!” Molly-Anne cried, sitting up fast. She began bombarding Meow Meow with desperate and hurried question. “Why not? Why can’t you stay? Don’t you want to stay with us? You could be our pet!”

FullSizeRender-13“Don’t go, Meow Meow, please!” I begged.

“I must,” She sighed. “But I promise I will visit again soon – your birthday is March 9, yes? I will be here for your party. I love you, Celina! I must leave now, goodbye!”

FullSizeRender-12She leaped on Jessa’s new bed and turned around before darting off.

FullSizeRender-10“I love you,” I whispered. Why did she have to go? I’ve always wanted a pet. Why didn’t she stay here with me?

“I love you too,” she mewed softly.

FullSizeRender-17And just as quick as she came, she darted off and was gone.

FullSizeRender-9I sat heavily on Jessa’s bed and stared off into space. I was in a fuzzy haze. My throat felt tight – I loved that kitten, I truly did. Didn’t she love me, too? Why wouldn’t she just let me have her for a pet? Why did she feel that her place was with the Stuffed Animal Kingdom?

Molly-Anne sat down next to me and wrapped her arm around me. “Don’t worry,” she whispered. “Meow Meow will come and visit again right on time for your birthday! And you know what? You can always make more secret journeys to visit her.”

I looked at her and forced a smile. Molly-Anne was a good friend.

“Thanks,” I murmured, letting my head rest on her shoulder.

But could I really wait that long to see my beloved kitten?

You’ll have to wait and see on my birthday party!