IMG_6950Hola! Happy Mini Doll Monday! It’s me, Jessa. Today, Jocelyn is teaching me how to ride Coconut. I was pretty nervous, but here’s how it turned out…

IMG_6951“Swing your right leg over, ‘saddling’ from the left side, never the right,” Jocelyn instructed.

IMG_6952I swung my right leg over like she said, and then waited for further instruction.

IMG_6953“Now position yourself comfortably and clutch onto her fur,” Jocci told me next.

After a few more instructions and demonstrations, like different commands and how to make her trot, canter, and walk, Jocelyn finally decided I was ready.

“Are you sure?” I asked hesitantly, my stomach clenching and twisting into knots a sailor would envy. “I – I don’t think I have enough training! We’ve only started today!”

But Jocci only nodded. “You’re a fast learner,” she explained. “You’ve caught on very quickly. Now relax – if you’re nervous, it makes Coconut nervous, too, and the last thing you need is to ride on a nervous animal.”

I gulped. How on earth could I calm down? I was close to shaking! I wasn’t sure I could ever ride Coconut. I loved animals, I truly did – but – what if I fell off? What if I injured myself?!

“What if -” I began, but Jocelyn held up her hand to stop me.

“Behind every ‘what if’ is a new adventure,” she quoted from American Girl. “You’re ready.”

Ready or not, I couldn’t calm down the nervousness in my stomach, but I took deep breaths to steady myself as I swung my leg over.

IMG_6954I sat tall and straight like Jocelyn taught me, and my muscles conformed to a state of riding an animal. I gripped Coconut’s fur tight. I made this clicking sound with my mouth, squeezing my legs ever so gently and Coconut started off!

“You’re doing it!” Jocelyn cried.

IMG_6955Her yell distracted me, though, and I lost my balance. Swiveling my head to look at her, I let go of Coconut’s fur, and then toppled backwards!

I screamed like a little girl. But that’s to be expected – I am a little girl!

IMG_6958I slammed down against the ground hard on my shoulder and back, my skirt flying up.

Jocci ran to me. “Oh, Jessa, I’m sorry! Are you alright?” She offered her hand to help me up, but I jumped up no sooner than she extended it.

I brushed off my skirt. “I’m okay!” I declared. I walked a little stiffly back to Coconut (I wouldn’t think of giving up), but it was a determined walk nonetheless.

IMG_6959“Ready or not,” I whispered to myself as I swung my leg over. My muscles relaxed. My mouth made the clicking sound. I automatically knew what to do – and I was riding!

Jessa’s First Circle on Coco
I was so excited when Coconut took a few steps. Click above to see a video Jocelyn took of my very first circle riding on Coconut! It will open in a new page but still on Delightful World of Dolls.

IMG_6961Look at Coco’s cute little face!

IMG_6962“Thanks for showing me how to ride, Jocelyn!” I thanked her as I gave her a hug.

“No problem – you’re a natural!”

IMG_6963I’ll see y’all later. I’ve got a dog to ride!



P.S. Yesterday, February 28th, was Ellie’s birthday! Stay tuned tomorrow for her birthday post.
P.P.S. Happy Leap Day! Anyone’s birthday today?