Thanksgiving sure was amazing – for both my dolls and I! Here is Molly’s story of the Doll’s Thanksgiving yesterday.


My eyes flittered open. “IT’S THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!” I cried, and soon everyone was bustling to get ready for the big Thanksgiving party hat afternoon.


“Molly, hold still! How can I finish your braid if you keep on wiggling?” Josefina told me. I giggled.

“Ugh! Molly! You’re not planning on wearing that to the Thanksgiving Party, are you?!” Cécile cried, running up to me. I blushed. “Well, um,” I stuttered. “Hmph! You are in dire need of some fashion help. You need somethign festive! Something pretty! Hold on, I’ll be right back.” Josefina looked at me and shrugged. We both giggled.

“Here, I have the perfect thing!” Cécile told me after a minute of rummaging through the closet. I grabbed the clothes she gave me and went to change.

“Oh! It’s beautiful, Cécile! Thank you ever so much!” I cried, fingering the delicate lace and red ribbon topping it off. Cécile beamed.

“Oh my gosh! Josie! You’re seriously wearing that to the Thanksgiving Party? Oh! You need desperate fashion help! I’ll be right back with something more…Thanksgiving-y.” Cécile raved again. Josie and I looked at each other, shrugged, and laughed.

“Woah,” I breathed when Josefina put on the gorgeous clothes Cécile let her borrow. “It’s beautiful, CéCé!” Josie cried. Cécile just smiled.

“I suspect Emilie will need some desperate fashion help as well. I’m going over to her house to check on things!” with a sassy “tata!” Cécile was off.

At Emilie and Jasmine’s house, Jasmine was running around frantically. “Ugh! I must have something else to wear! Look at these pitiful bell bottoms and home-made shirt? I can’t wear these!” Jasmine was on the verge of tears. “Oh, Jasmine, it’s not that bad!” Emilie told her. “Never fear, the Cécile IS HERE!”

All heads turned to Cécile. “Why, Emilie! You are absolutely gorgeous! That dress is perfect. For you, Jasmine, on the other hand, I have just the thing!” Cécile cried, dropping the clothes around her.

“Well? How do I look?” Jasmine asked, stepped out from behind, wearing the new clothes Cécile had brought her. “OH MY GOSH! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!” Cécile shouted. Jasmine beamed. Flipping her hair with a sassy touch, she cried, “Shall we go now? The Thanksgiving Feast awaits!”

Everyone arrived at the party soon. I went over to Emilie and Josefina. “You guys look awesome!” I exclaimed. “Thanks, Molly!” Emilie smiled. “Gracias,” Josefina grinned.

Soon, we were all seated around the table. It was crowded, but it was yummy. Soon all the plates were spotless from the marvelous turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes and gravy!
But the last scrumptious thing we devoured was THE DELECTABLE APPLE PIE!!

And, oh, my was it good! Here is a perfect picture of it before we devoured it…

And then here is mom cutting into it.

It was a delicious and happy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for my family, my dollies friends, my friends online, and of course Jesus Christ. What are you thankful for?