Dude. Would you look at that featured image. This post isn’t about grass, for crying out loud! What are Madison’s horrendous graphic design skills trying to convey here?

She’s a case, I tell you.

But we’re not here to talk about her. Oh no, no, my loyal fans. It is I, Delaney Danger Clark, here with the second half of our photos from the meetup with Light4theLord and the dolls at Dolls N’ All.

In case you’re not smart, the link is for you to click and read before reading any further, as well as this one, which is my friend Mia’s account of the post. Mia from Dolls N’ All. Haven’t you heard of her? How uneducated. You should.

Madi (not the loser Madison, my guardian. Just to distinguish that. Madi as in from Dolls N’ All and Madi’s Musings.) is wearing the BEST SHIRT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Isn’t it amazing? And because “Del” are the first three letters in “Delightful” (the first D in the DWOD acronym), she MUST BE MY #1 FAN TOO.

At least… hopefully.

I mean, who am I kidding? Who’s not one of my #1 fans? I demolished everyone who said they weren’t.

Just kidding.

My sis Taryn posed with Elly by a palm tree in the middle of the mall.

A palm tree? In the middle of a mall? Yeah, welcome to Florida, folks.

Mia (my awesomeness buddy) and I were daring and climbed this… thing. It looked like a cage for some lights.


Then I raced Mia across some food court tables. The best part? It was a big distraction, nuisance, and noise to everyone eating around us.


I’m pretty darn sure I won, but Mia is pretty darn sure she won. And because I don’t like admitting to losing, let’s just deem it a tie, shall we? Of course we shall. You don’t have an option, because I said so.

I didn’t get the point of this shot. If the point of a photoshoot is to try to capture the radiance of my extreme, lens-busting awesomeness with a camera, why allow something as pitiful as grass to get in the way?

Nothing ever gets in my way unless I allow it, so I demanded Madison bring the camera back up to the star of the show—me.

But Mia is my awesomeness buddy, so she peeked in there, too. See her head by my shoulder?

Hey, look. I found a seat. It shall bear the weight of my behind for as long as I wish. Doesn’t matter that it’s a pillow, not a seat. I either make the rules or break them ’cause I can.

Did I mention that Light4theLord did my hair? Doesn’t it look awesome as always? I’m awesome without even fixing it—guess who rocks the bedhead look better than anybody?—but I really like the way she styled it. It’s perfectly Del.

Mia and I posed on these really weird cushions. I decided to do a handstand for my pose, just ’cause I could.

This really weird, horribly unmatching barf-green see-through… fence? Railing? I don’t even know—was bordering the sitting area. So we were awesomely defiant and climbed that, too.

Once back at the other section of the food court, L4TL and Madison decided to do an annoying amount of group shots.

Just when I had about all I could take, I realized I didn’t have to take it anymore. The food court shall not be spared its demolition via Delaney Danger Clark!

Step 1: Tackle sister.

Step 2: Snicker and laugh while everyone else dominoes, too. 

Elly was smart. She was standing behind me, so she didn’t dominoe.

But one last remaining survivor? Oh no. No. Not one shall remain standing in Del’s demolition.

Not even sweet Elly.


Look at that beautiful photo bomb! It’s just perfect—perfect! It couldn’t be any more perfect! I die laughing every time I look at it.

Taryn and Mia decided to take selfies together.

They thought they were safe.

But see my photobombing awesomeness? Not even my awesomeness buddy is spared. Sorry, Mia.


If there’s one thing you should know about Elly, it’s that she’s not easily defeated. Before I could tackle, she was back for revenge—and caught me off guard.


The defeat, although it was mine, was spectacular. Even though I’m a sore loser, sometimes you’ve just gotta hand it to your foe. She did it well.

But don’t worry, Elly. Someday we will meet again, and someday I shall get my revenge.

For now, though, that wraps up my


Okay, okay, with help from Mia. And Elly. And Madi (the doll). And maybe Taryn.


Oh, wait a second! The plus about commenting on one of my epic posts is that, randomly, one of the commenters gets to be shouted out. On the Orlando, Florida edition of Wreckage of the American Girl Store, The AG Homeschooler commented her favorite place Mia and I wrecked:

I liked the destruction of the Grand Hotel (though it’s probably not so grand anymore! XD) and when you rolled over Z’s toes with her scooter. Awesomeness.

Be sure to visit her awesome blog, AG’s Wondrous World!

To all my fellow dolls: Do you have an annoying guardian/mom? Do you like meeting other guardians/moms’ dolls?

Remember to comment so you can be randomly shouted out in my next post!