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I love Christmas music, don’t you? ?

Ahem. Hey, guys! :D I am super excited to announce my second surprise! Clara, AAG, Sam, and Christian Homeschooler each guessed correctly. Awesome detective work, guys! ?

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The Christmas Craft Collab with Light4theLord the Phenomenal, Amazing, Epic, Too-Awesome-for-Words!

Each week leading up to Christmas, Light4theLord and I will each post one Christmas craft. Who’s Light4theLord, you ask?

Light4theLord runs an incredible doll blog, Dolls N’ All! (If you haven’t visited, go check it out right now, leave comments, and follow! Her blog is one of my very favorites!) She’s such a kind, encouraging, wondrous friend and I’m so excited to be doing this Christmas Craft Collab with her!

light4thelordtheawesomeLight4theLord has already posted the first craft of our CCC, which you can see by clicking the picture or clicking here! She has a super easy tutorial for the cutest Doll Christmas Count-Down/Advent Calendar ever! I can’t wait to make it! Like, AHH! It’s so perfect!

Now it’s my turn to post a craft. I had a hard time picking which one to do – I had a list of the Christmas crafts I’ll do for this month and I couldn’t wait to get started on all of them! I finally decided on what would make the most sense…

diydollxmastreeornaments-ccc2DIY Doll Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Chances are, your dolls have a doll-sized Christmas tree. (They’re easy to find! I got mine in 2012 from Target for around $8, but I’m sure you can find them at other places like Hobby Lobby or Walmart.) And chances are, you’ve your dolls have already put it up! And again, chances are, you want doll-sized ornaments for it. You may already have some and want more, or don’t have any at all and want some.

Well, not to fear! This tutorial will show you how to make your own doll-sized ornaments for your dolls’ Christmas tree! I absolutely love them – they are SO cute!

ccc1There are two different kinds of ornaments we’ll be making. For both of them…

You will need:

  • Large pom-poms (Mine are the Michael’s Creatology brand, but I found some perfect sparkly pom-poms at Walmart that would’ve looked better)
  • Glitter (I have six primary glitter shakers from Walmart)
  • A paper plate or covered work surface for your glitter (paper plates work best!)
  • Foam stickers in any shape you’d like (I got mine from Walmart)
  • Christmas stickers (the perfect kinds are from the brand Holiday Time from Walmart)
  • Clear glue or glue that dries clear
  • Sewing thread in any colors you’d like
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • An adult’s permission to use all of these things and make a mess ;)

ccc2Be sure to get an adult’s help if you need it. ;)

ccc5It also helps to have Christmas music playing nearby. ;) I’m actually listening to this exact part as I was in the picture I’m typing this right now! LOL!

Let’s get started!

ccc6First, take your large pom-poms and pick out some colors you’d like. Each pom-pom will make one ornament – I’m going to make six of them.

ccc7If you have sparkly pom-poms, you can skip this step and go straight to threading your needle through it (more on that later in the post). If not…

Take your glue and drizzle it in a spiral all around the top of your pom-pom. Don’t worry if it separates like this or drips down a little. Let it do its thing for a few seconds.

ccc8Then get crazy with that glitter. ;) (Use a paper plate for catching glitter and spare yourself that “OOPS” moment I had. ?)

ccc9Sprinkle a ton of it! Don’t forget to get the sides where the glue dripped down. Doesn’t this look so cute already? Imagine it hanging on your doll’s tree!

ccc10Experiment with different color combinations!

ccc11I really like this red and gold one!

ccc13Set your pom-poms aside to dry. While they are drying, we’ll make the second kind of ornaments!

ccc14CHRISTMAS STICKERS! I love these so much! (I collect stickers ?) I was searching all around the Christmas section at Walmart to find them and was super frustrated, because they had kinds like this in 2014 that I absolutely loved, but I couldn’t find them anywhere! I was pretty bummed, preparing to settle for a really weird kind of Christmas sticker that wouldn’t look good for the ornaments at all. I finally found these nowhere near the Christmas aisles, and my awesome brother offered to buy some of them for me as a Christmas present!

ccc15The Holiday Time brand has the perfect stickers for these ornaments. And this sheet of stickers was only $1! I can’t wait to start decorating y’alls’ cards with them. ?

ccc17Choose two identical stickers – but they must be symmetrical. Otherwise, they won’t work.

ccc18Now take your sewing thread out (for these ornaments, you can just use string if you prefer, but for the pom-poms you will need sewing thread). Cut a nice piece, make a loop that’s the size you want, and tie it.

ccc19Like this! Now trim off the excess thread (but don’t snip the knot!).

ccc20Peel the first sticker off of the sheet and stick the string to the back of it like shown. Make sure it’s near the top, and you’ll want the knot on the sticky side as well.

Then carefully place the second sticker on top of it, the sticky sides together.

ccc21TA-DA! It’s so cute!

ccc22Here is Chloe holding it (with horrendous lighting ;) ) for comparison.

ccc23Here are a few examples. The Christmas tree cookie ornament’s stickers weren’t symmetrical, so you can see what it would look like. That one isn’t too bad, but if the Santa cookie ornament’s stickers hadn’t been symmetrical, it would’ve looked way weirder.

ccc24Do the same thing with the foam stickers (making sure they are the same size ;) ).

ccc25Ooh, I love these! I think these are some of my favorites that I’ve made. ?

ccc26These snowflake stickers (from Holiday Time) would look beautiful as ornaments, don’t you agree?

There’s just one thing.

It’s very tricky. ?

ccc27One wrong move, and the two stickers are stuck together completely wrong! The finished result looks beautiful if you do it right, but like I said, it’s pretty tricky. ;P

ccc28Here are my other tries. I love the blue one but wish the second white one had turned out better. ?




ccc32These are what your finished sticker ornaments should look like!

ccc33Now, let’s come back to the pom-poms! I came back about an hour and a half to two hours later, and they were dry.

ccc35Take out your needle and colored sewing thread of your choice. Thread the needle, but don’t knot the thread at the end.

ccc36Push the needle through the pom-pom at the very top under some glitter.

ccc37Pull the needle through and un-thread it. Then tie the thread together, forming a loop.

ccc38Like this! Trim off the excess thread (but don’t snip the knot ;) ).

ccc39Now pull the loop so that the little knot is toward the top of the ornament instead of at the top of the loop. It should look like this when you’re done.

ccc40Here is Chloe holding it for comparison. It’s so beautiful!

ccc41Also, if your pom-pom’s glue has dripped down to the paper plate or covered work surface while it was drying, don’t worry! When trying to pull it off, just slip your scissors underneath there and cut it free.

ccc42Like this! Haha! ?

ccc43Now your dolls can hang the ornaments on their Christmas tree!

ccc44I love this star one!

The ornaments will look dazzling on your dolls’ tree!

ccc48Oh dear. I have some clean-up to do… Uhh *runs to computer to type up this post* maybe later ?

Something awesome

If you made these ornaments, either the pom-pom or the sticker ones or both, I would absolutely love to see! Send me your pictures to madison[at]powerofGOD[dot]com! Your pictures will have a chance to be featured in the Christmas Craft Collab Recap on Christmas Eve! And don’t forget to stay tuned for a special surprise on Christmas Day. ;)



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