Do your dolls have stockings? And do they want to hang them up somewhere? Do they want to hang them up on a… say, a fireplace? Why, I’m so glad you’re reading this today, because that is exactly what I’ll show you how to make! ?

But first, I’d like to say that it’s been an honor to do this Christmas Craft Collab with Light4theLord the Phenomenal. I’ve had so much fun and it’s really inspired me to get crafty again! I had been so busy with photostories that I forgot how fun it is to make something for my dolls. Now I really want to do more doll-sized crafts! They are incredibly fun!

Christmas Craft Collab #1 – Countdown Calendar

And, might I add, Light4theLord is an extraordinary crafter! When she started off the Christmas Craft Collab with her doll countdown calendar, I was in total awe! It was a genius craft I couldn’t wait to make, and my dolls have been having too much fun for their own good with it. ?

diydollxmastreeornaments-ccc2Christmas Craft Collab #2 – DIY Doll Christmas Tree Ornaments

The next craft was by me. I have several different ways you can make super-cute ornaments for your doll’s tree, and I love the way they turned out!

diydollstockingsChristmas Craft Collab #3 – DIY Doll Stockings… With a Twist!

The next craft was also by me. Classic stockings are always awesome, but what if you want to make something extra-awesome; something different, special, and unique? Find out how to make both a classic and a stocking with a twist with my tutorial here!

Christmas Craft Collab #4 – Christmas Decor

Light4theLord shared tutorials on tons of different ways to make the cutest Christmas decor for your dolls! (Look at that little snowman! Awww! ?) I’ve made the wreath, paper chain, and Merry Christmas banner so far (but need to find a baby sock for that snowman! ?).

Light4theLord Is AwesomeChristmas Craft Collab #5 – DIY Mini Doll Cape and Muff

This is SO cute! You could also probably modify this for 18″ dolls, too! Light4theLord shares a super simple and easy tutorial on how to make the cutest mini doll cape and muff!

Christmas Craft Collab #6 – DIY Doll Presents

These are insanely fun to make. XD For the fifth craft, I shared an easy tutorial on how to make these super adorable doll-sized present props to put under your dolls’ tree! A cool thing about this craft is that you can make it for absolutely any type and size of doll whatsoever!

Christmas Craft Collab #7 – DIY Doll Christmas Cards

Aren’t these doll cards so cute and beautiful?! My dolls LOVED receiving them in my Christmas Card Exchange! (It’s not too late to participate. Click for more details!) Light4theLord and her dolls are so creative and are crafting geniuses! XD You’ll find super awesome ways to decorate doll cards (as well as easy-peasy tutorials on making the cards and envelopes!)

Christmas Craft Collab #8 – DIY Doll Fireplace (I won’t bother linking because you are already on this post XD)

And now… Here we are. *sniff* The last craft… HOW IS IT OVER SO QUICKLY? Light4theLord, I have had SO much fun doing this craft collab with you, and I’d love to do another collab sometime!

For those of you who don’t know, Light4theLord is an absolutely phenomenal doll blogger who runs one of my very favorite doll blogs, Dolls N’ All. Go check it out, follow, look around and leave comments! You will definitely enjoy reading her and her dolls’ amazing posts, I guarantee it!

And now for the fireplace! Let us begin.

You Will Need:

  • A box or box lid that is the size you want the fireplace to be
  • Multiple sheets of black construction paper -OR- sheets of a printed brick wall image you like
  • A printed picture of a fireplace closeup with a fire going
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Stick glue
  • Sewing pins
  • A pen or pencil (not shown… whoops!)
  • Your dolls’ stockings
  • An adult’s permission to use all of these things and do this craft
  • Christmas music playing in the background


Let’s get started!

First, take your box and lay it face down. Take your sheet of paper (black construction paper -OR- a sheet of an image of a brick wall) and tape it over the top like seen above.

Then set the box on its side on the sheet of paper and trace its edges.

Cut out that strip of paper and glue it to the side or top that you measured it from. Then tape down the edges. Repeat with the remaining sides. This is what it should like after you are finished.

Now for the fun part! ? Take the printed image of a fireplace closeup with a fire going and cut it out.

Now glue it to the front like so.

IT’S SO CUTE! :D Ta-da! We’re not finished yet, though…

Take your sewing pin and push it in the box toward the top. It is very important that you stick it toward the top, right on the very edge before the box curves sharply into a side, otherwise it might be too thick to stick your sewing pin in there.

An important tip would be to push the end of the pin upwards a little bit so your stocking won’t fall off. ;)

Stick as many pins as you would like your dolls’ stockings to hang on.

Hang up your dolls’ stockings, and you’re done!

I am 99% percent sure there is a totally better way out there to make a doll fireplace, but this is my super easy tutorial. I was going for the look of this fireplace:

Image via this post @

I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how on earth Jessica got those little fireplace gate-looking thingies on it and what they were, and it was only AFTER I made the craft that I found a long-lost video of her sharing about her fireplace. *sigh* She explained that even though the little gate-looking thingies looked textured, they were actually flat! So it must’ve been paper. You could probably find a picture of a gate online, print it out, cut out the gate part, and paste it over the fire image.

Although this fireplace is simple, it is easy and I hope you like it! Once again, there are a couple of variations you could make to the fireplace, like using printed images of a brick wall instead of black construction paper or somehow crafting a gate-looking thing to go over the fire image… if you are smart, unlike me… LOL! XD

Here is Josefina hanging her stocking by the fireplace! I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. CRAFT. Even though I’m sure there are way better ways to make it, I am so proud of how it turned out, simple as it is! Doesn’t it look so cute?!

Hey, that’s weird. REALLY weird. Why are there eight stockings? I made nine for some crazy reason you don’t know, but why are there only eight stockings hanging up? Be confused, because I am not. XD

Hola, amiga! It’s me, Josefina! If you made this craft, we would absolutely LOVE to see. You only have a couple of days left to send in your pictures of any crafts you’ve made from this collab for a chance to be featured in the Christmas Craft Collab on Christmas Eve. Please send your pictures to Mama’s email address, madison[at]powerofGOD[dot]com!

Madi here again! I have a small announcement. I was going to do a post about doll stocking stuffers (Light4theLord’s fabulous idea) but I’ve completed maxed out this entire week!

Not kidding.

  • Sunday was the most stressful day of the week, and in the evening I prepared Christmas Is Ruined.
  • On Monday I finished and published Christmas Is Ruined, replied to every comment and took care of reading & commenting on others’ posts, and started preparing Farewell to Fall and the Last of the Autumn Aura. I also took, edited, and manually watermarked the pictures for Christmas Isn’t Ruined.
  • On Tuesday I published Farewell to Fall and the Last of the Autumn Aura, replied to every comment, and took care of reading and commenting on others’ posts (that was a ton of posts, y’all). I also took, edited, and manually watermarked the pictures for this post. Then I typed up and scheduled Christmas Isn’t Ruined.
  • On Wednesday I worked on Christmas cards for six hours straight. I totally skipped and worked through breakfast and lunch. I took a mental break and ate two chocolate chip cookies, two glasses of milk, and a bean burrito while replying to comments sometime in the late afternoon. XD I finally finished (minus one card I want to send to Jessica) at 5 PM. For the rest of the day until 9 PM, when I finally got around to eating the plate of dinner my Mom saved for me, I worked on a surprise to be posted on Christmas Day. From 9 PM to 1:11 AM this morning I worked on typing this post up (while having long conversations with my family. It is very hard to be productive in the midst of interesting conversations about spies, lie detector machines, atoms and criminals. ?).
  • Today is going to be insane with everything I’m going to try to fit in so I can have the 23rd through the 25th off, and that is all I’m going to say. I desperately need to take the pictures for The Countdown Chronicles and the surprise on Christmas Day…
  • Tomorrow, December 23rd (Christmas Adam! ;) ) Christmas Isn’t Ruined will be published, and I’ll probably reply to comments but not do much in the means of reading and commenting on others’ posts. I REALLY hope I’ll have everything finished and scheduled so I can begin my holiday already. :P
  • On Saturday, Christmas Eve, I’ll post your pictures you will have hopefully sent in of crafts you’ve hopefully made from the Christmas Craft Collab, as well as the rest of the Countdown Chronicles. If I don’t have everything finished by this day, I’ll have to work on my holiday. ?
  • On Christmas Day, the Christmas surprise will be posted. ;)

That is the schedule for this week. I am totally not trying to complain and act all cool and business-like as if I’m some important busybody. That is NOT what I am trying to do at all! I just wanted to give you an eligible reason (besides “I’m too busy”) of why there is absolutely no way I can fit in a doll stocking stuffers post, because you deserve to know. :D I really, really wanted to do one, though. :( I thought up more than twenty super cute things you could stuff your dolls’ stocking with. Oh, well. You know what that means?! *thunder booms and lightning flashes* I’ll do it next year! MWAHAHA!

Totally just having fun. ;) I really am disappointed I couldn’t fit a stocking stuffers idea in my schedule.

But I really hope you enjoy –

Sorry, I’m back. I just had a super cute idea for a stopmotion! I CANNOT WAIT TO MAKE IT! :D I’m off to go write out the entire thing as soon as I finish typing this! ?

Ahem. Even though I couldn’t do the stocking stuffers like I mentioned in my DIY Doll Stockings post, I really hope you enjoy the Christmas posts coming up next! I worked reeaally hard on them, so I hope you like them!

Once again, Light4theLord, it has been an honor to do this craft collab with you! I have had SO much fun! I hope we can do another collab again sometime! (Go check out Dolls N’ All and follow for Light4theLord’s phenomenal posts!)

Have you made any of the crafts from the Christmas Craft Collab? Will you be sending any pictures in for the recap on December 23rd?


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