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Hey, everyone! This is Madi.

I just wanted to pop on real quick and say that I’m still here—I have not given up on this blog or lost even an ounce of motivation to come back. Coming back is the desire of my heart.

It’s been a wild ride with my health, but I think about you guys and this blog every single day. I have more challenges to overcome, but thanks to God I’ve overcome a lot, and it is my absolute dream to finally return to posting (which will be literally as soon as I possibly can).

It’s been a year since I’ve posted last, and with another year comes another anniversary!

I may not have been able to post during that time, but just in this year, 3,142 unique visitors have visited with 12,279 views. Wow! Thanks for stopping by to read old posts, guys—I hope you’ve been enjoying them!

(I go back and read them myself sometimes. It’s funny to see how my writing style has changed, how I’ve changed, how my dolls’ personalities have changed… and I just can’t wait to come back!)

I’m still going through challenges, so I may not be as active on emailing or chatting, but you are absolutely welcome to read old posts and comment any time. I respond as soon as I’m able. There are over 780 posts here, so you won’t be bored—check out the sidebar for archives and categories, and the footer for fun links.

And the DWOD P.O. box is always open (address found here), in case you want to send good ol’ snail mail to verify I still exist. Which I do. XD

My current face to prove I still exist. XD Don’t let the creepy IV fool you; I was quite happy that day.

I miss this blog more than anything. Wording this has been hard—this little post took me hours and I procrastinated all day and I needed a good boost of chocolate to finish :’)—and I still don’t quite know how to end it.

So I’ll just say: I love you guys so much, God is good, and I will be back literally as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading old posts during this year 7th year of DWOD—you made it a great one!

Please comment below and let me know how you and your dolls have been! I’d love to chat.

Have you gotten any new dolls? Or if you’ve lost interest in them since we last talked, do they still have a special place in your heart?