img_0097Hello, amazing person out there! :) It’s Madison here, with the lovely Ellie smiling for you in the photo. :)

A few weeks ago I experimented with… with… uh, what did I experiment with?

I was trying to do some golden-hour photography, but I don’t think this was the golden hour. :P I walked outside, thought the evening sunlight was beautiful, and decided to take one of my dolls out for a photoshoot.

It didn’t turn out quite as good as I hoped. ? I tried to capture some golden sunlight and then pretty sun flares on the camera, but this was my second time trying to do that, so I’m not very good at it… yet. ? But I thought you’d like to see the pictures anyway, so in the future when I do more “golden” photoshoots like this, you can tell me if I have improved or not. You can be honest. ;)

img_0098Ellie is SO pretty! But I still don’t like what I named her, and it’s been over two years since I’ve gotten her.

img_0099First, her name was Joy, but I only named her that because my dad liked the name.

img_0100But it didn’t really fit perfectly with the Ivy doll.

img_0101So last year I changed her name to Ellie, with the full name of Ellie-Joy.

img_0103But now that I think of it, Ellie-Joy just sounds weird.

img_0104Mae or Maisie would be a PERFECT name for my Ivy doll.

img_0106(Here I experimented with the sun flare.)

But I don’t wanna change Ellie’s name again! People would get SO confused if they’re new to Delightful World of Dolls. “What is this doll’s name? Joy? Ellie? Ellie-Joy? Maisie? I read all these different posts with all these different names for one single doll. Madison should make up her mind!”

img_0107(Oh, my… :P )

See how that would get confusing? :P

img_0108(Better… but Ellie isn’t focused! :( :P )

But I still like the name Ellie.


Though the name Ellie-Joy is just… odd. :P

img_0110(Why couldn’t I focus Ellie?! >:P )

So you know what I’m going to do?

img_0111Her full name shall officially be…

img_0112Ellie Ivy Ling!

[EDIT – KiKi gave me a perfect suggestion! Though Ellie goes by Ellie most of the time, her full name shall officially be Ellie-Mae Ivy Ling! :D]

img_0113I’ve omitted the “Joy” entirely. That was what I had originally done after her name change, but then later I added the Joy back in there. (Why did I do that? :P) And today I’ve omitted it! ?

img_0114(I need practice, huh? :P)

Now that I think of it, Ellie suits her.

img_0117(Oh dear… :P)

Even though I really wanted to name her Maisie when I first got her, somebody else already had an Ivy doll with the name Maisie and I didn’t want to copy. :P

img_0118That’s okay though, because maybe in a photo story she’ll play a girl named Maisie or Mae. ?

img_0119And I think she makes a great “Ellie”! :)

img_0120A little better? :P

img_0121img_0122img_0123img_0124img_0125img_0126I love this last one. ?

img_0128 img_0130This shot isn’t too bad… I think. ?

img_0131This might be one of my favorites, except for the fact that the shadowing was weird and Ellie looks like she has dark circles under her eyes. She looks tired. :P

img_0132Ooh! I like this one. ? New profile picture maybe?

img_0133Prepare for some quite… interesting experimental shots. :P

img_0134 img_0136 img_0137 img_0138 img_0139 img_0140These were HORRIBLE None of them came out like I wanted them too. ?

img_0141Ooh, ooh, this one should be her new profile picture!

img_0142No, this one!

img_0143I dunno. Maybe I’ll choose a favorite eventually. :P

So… what did you think of the pictures? As you can see, I’m definitely still trying my hand to taking pictures during the “golden hour.”

Not that these were even taken at the golden hour anyway. ?

There’s always room for improvement, no matter how good you are at something! You don’t always have to have the greatest camera in the world to take better pictures. You’ve just got to experimenting and practicing with whatever camera you have, and mark my words, you’ll get better and better! :D

What is the most valuable photography tip you’ve learned, if you have any?


Madison and Ellie ♥

P.S. I wish the leaves would turn beautiful colors and fall off of the trees here! :( I miss my pretty Texas autumns! :'( :P :)