Whoops! I didn’t plan for two photoshoots back-to-back… :? :P To ease the repetitive photoshoots, I changed this one up a bit. I put all of Emilie’s photos into a video with pretty music that suits her personality – and added a bit of stop motion. ;)

Oh, yes, and I changed the spelling of Emilie’s name back to Emilie. For some reason I just started spelling it like Emelie, and I don’t really know why. :P (I’ve been doing quite a bit of name-altering, haven’t I? :P)

So, as you’ve probably figured, Emilie’s birthday is today – Thursday, September 29th! I like most of the photos I took of her, but I really wanted to make a birthday stop motion… maybe next time. ;)

 Happy birthday, Emilie

Here is her Birthday Photoshoot Video! Enjoy. :)

And happy birthday to all of the amazing Emily dolls out there!


P.S. I have a new signature! I still like my old one, but I wanted to change things up a bit. I might make another new signature in the future as well, perhaps with an actual picture of me. But I suppose this one will do until then. :)