Good morning! Madison here. So sorry about not posting lately. Yesterday we went to a military funeral (sooooo cool, and sad too) for a man in our church, Mr. Vogal, and afterwards we went to Mrs. Vogal’s house to spend some time with her and to eat food and just, well, you know, try to heal her heart. I mean, her husband died. That’s enough to make anyone sad. Well, apparently I ate too much, and the day before that I had a shot and the medicine makes me queasy, so when I came home I threw up. :( By the time I felt better enough to finish school and all, I didn’t have enough time for a blog post. It was time to get ready for bed!

So it’s been a pretty busy day yesterday for my family. My awesome mom let me post this morning (before school ;)) since I couldn’t last night.

So…..I found some doll-sized cooking utensils! And they are sooooo cute, too. I am so happy I found them. I got them at Wal-Mart.

IMG_4625Molly likes them. I wonder what she will cook up with that whisk? And what could she be thinking of a food she could use those tongs with?

IMG_4628Look what her tongs found…a rose! :)

What kind of doll-sized stuff do you find in unexpected places? I found a doll-sized measuring cup at Wal-Mart, too, but I didn’t get it.


P.S. Stay healthy and don’t get sick! Prayers for all from me to you.