IMG_4633“Ugh!” Jasmine said to Josefina, coming into the room Josefina shared with her two adopted sisters, Molly and Cécile. Josefina was tidying up the room, folding pants and organizing loose pens and bits of important notes, taking trash to the, well, trash, etc…”What is it, Jazzy?” Josie asked, looking up from the leggings she was folding. “I dropped my ring in some bacon grease, and now it smells like bacon.” Jasmine explained. “Um, well, can’t you watch it?” Josie laughed slightly. “I’m afraid I’ll drop it in the sink. Then it might go down the drain, or something terrible, and I’d lose it!” Josefina frowned, saying, “I’m sorry about that, Jaz.”

IMG_4634“‘Ello everyone!” Emilie exclaimed, coming into the room in search of her hairband that she thought she left in there. She stopped suddenly. “Um, did I interrupt something?” She asked slowly. “Oh, no, Jasmine was just telling me she dropped her ring in some bacon grease and she can’t wash it because she’s afraid it will drop down the sink.” Emilie raised her eyebrows, but didn’t say anything. She looked around in search for her headband.

IMG_4635“Has anyone seen Coconut? We’re looking for her.” Cécile and Molly came in the room. “Yeah,” Molly agreed. “It seems she is always running off.”

IMG_4636“Here she is!” with her sharp eye, Emilie quickly spotted Coconut under some jeans lying on the floor, wagging her tail and grinning like this was a game of hide-and-go-seek.

IMG_4637“Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good little puppy wuppy? Come here you cutie pie!” Cécile cooned to Coconut. But just then, “EWWWWW!” Jasmine cried out. “Coconut SMELLS!” “Oh my gosh! I think she got sprayed by a skunk!” Molly exclaimed in disbelief.

IMG_4638“Don’t fret now, everyone. Look at this perfume I found. It must’ve been mama’s, or mama’s mom’s(grandma). A quick spray of this, and you’ll never even notice Coconut’s stench. Later we can wash her. But you all need to close your eyes. Seriously. If this gets in your eyes, it will sting like crazy! Trust me!” Josefina told everyone.

IMG_4639They all closed their eyes as Josefina spritzed the perfume around the room.

“OK, You can open your eyes now.”

IMG_4640“PHEW! That smells way better, Josie! Thanks!” Jasmine cried.

IMG_4641But time and space seemed to stop. Jasmine did not dare to breathe. “WHERE’S. MY. RING.”

“What do you mean, ‘where’s my ring’?” Cécile asked. “It’s not on my finger! It’s…it’s… missing!” she cried. “It’s ok, Jazzy. We’ll help you find it!” Molly piped up. “Certainly,” agreed Emilie.

IMG_4642Everyone searched high and low, everywhere where it might’ve dropped.

IMG_4643“This is hopeless!” Jasmine cried in despair and she plopped herself on a bed. “That ring is my most prized possession. I love it so. It’s the most special thing ever. And now it’s missing!” a hot tear streamed down her face.

IMG_4644“Not missing. Stolen.” Josefina said mysteriously. Those last words hung in the air in fearful suspense. Echoing in Jasmine’s mind, fear gripped her heart. Could someone have really stolen her ring? Would one of her friends do that?

Find out in the next part of The Mystery Of The Stolen Ring, PART 2!
(dun, dun, dunnnn…) ;)