IMG_6964Hey, girls! Ellie here. Feruary 28th was my birthday. Madison took some pictures of me opening all of my presents! Here is everyone gathered together.

IMG_6965This is a tiny little gift! I wonder what it is?

IMG_6966A beautiful necklace! Isn’t it gorgeous?

IMG_6967I got the newest edition of American Girl magazine!

IMG_6968I got a little carried away reading it, and would’ve continued if Molly hadn’t urged me to finish opening my presents!

IMG_6969I wonder what’s in this pretty box?

IMG_6970A little game! How cute! You press a button which blows air into the water and you try to get the rings on the pegs.

IMG_6972I got a little carried away playing with this thing, too…

IMG_6973Oooh, golly! Check out the size of this thing! I wonder what’s in here…


IMG_6975A beach ball! Perfect for pool parties during the summer.

IMG_6976Here’s me blowing it up. LOL!

IMG_6977Here’s the final picture Madison took of me with all my presents!

Thanks for reading!

Do any of you have birthdays in February?