Craftygym #1Well howdy there, Dollies and their Mommies! This is the last (but great!) craft and play idea for the Seven Days of Doll Play! If you missed the previous doll play ideas, click this link to catch up. It will show you all the previous Doll Play Ideas we’ve posted.

But now, let’s get on to THIS Doll Play Idea!

Can you guess what we’re gonna do?

Wait, what did you say?

The title gives it away?


*Looks up* Well, OK, But next time I’ll stump ya for sure!

craftygym#2Yay! Change into a leotard. (If you don’t have one, they are so easy to make! Get creative with a large sock/tights. cut leg holes, arm holes, and a neck hole, then make it as long as you want. Cut the leotard out and slip it on! leotard)

craftygym#3And did I mention, you need to take any bows/ribbons/hair accessories you have on, OFF. But keep your hairstyle, if it’s a high bun or ponytails (they are the best hairstyles for gymnastics!).

craftygym#4Grab a floor mat (or put two pillows together if you don’t have a mat!) for a great gymnastic floor routine!

craftygym#5I’m going back, I’m kicking over…

craftygym#11YAY! I stuck it amazingly!

But that’s not all.


Get some bent metal bars and stick them together with some duct tape. Stick a drumstick on and duct tape that too!

craftygym#13Oooh, I love the high bars!

craftygym#14Oh yeah!

craftygym#15But what’s even better than floor and bars?

craftygym#6THE BEAM!!! I love the beam! My favorite gymnastics event! (I hate vault! Mostly ’cause I stink at it.)

craftygym#7Goin’ back, kickin’ over…

craftygym#8Sticking it perfectly!

craftygym#9Run, jump, do a split jump! Yeah baby, uh huh! I love me some beam routine! (hehe, I spy somebody’s hand.)

craftygym#11Woohoo! Stuck it perfectly, with grace and power and might!

craftygym#10Do you like gymnastics?

Tell us how it went!