Hey, guys! Dolls, humans, spam robots, stalkers and FBI spy-hiring agents alike! It’s me, Ellie Mae! I’m really, really excited today, because – if you can’t tell from the title – I turned 103!

Juuust kidding! ? Today’s my birthday, of course! As is tradition, I was given a birthday photoshoot. Would you care to see thirty-one billion a few photos of me?

I like this one! It was fun to twirl my dress around.

I like this one, too! My shadow was insanely long. O.o

He sure does!

Madison’s brother, Hurricane Peach Fuzz, had to stay outside and watch for cars as she risked her life in the middle of the road. He doesn’t usually do that, but when Madi’s mom found out that she likes taking pictures smack dab in the middle of our street, she insisted someone watch out for cars so she doesn’t DIE (unfortunately. She’s the only person who stands between me and taking over the world… Juuust kidding! I’m not that cruel… although I’d certainly make her be my personal slave whenever I take over the world one day! MWAHAHAAA!).

Instead of watching out, however, Hurricane Peach Fuzz continually got in the way of Madison’s shots while playing Super Mario Run on his iPhone. XD It’s a good thing not one car passed down our quiet old-person-infested street, then.

Emelie let me borrow her necklace for this shoot, which was really nice of her considering it’s really special! I guess she figured it’s my birthday, after all. ;)

For some odd reason, I keep thinking of the word “danger” whenever I see this shot. Then “stranger danger.” No idea why. :P

I’m going to have to think of some more ways to say “I like this one.” Madison took approximately 176 photos of me but was able to pick 31 of her my favorites, and then leave out a few more extra angle shots for the sake of unnecessary post length. :P

Madison was getting really bored of the hat I had been wearing for the past month, so she tried a new style… mini French braids! Madi’s mom told her it was hard to do French braids on short hair like mine, but she prevailed. ;) Then Madi pulled back some of my bangs with a bobby pin while getting another idea for a post called “Bored with Bangs? 20+ Hairstyle Ideas for Dolls w/ Bangs.” I have a feeling Molly and I will be her subjects… Anyway, I really like the style!

I’m sure Madison would appreciate me giving away our street address to random stalkers online, so I demanded a photo of me on our mailbox! ?

After twenty-five-something random, quite terrible shots of me on there, it was back to the street again.

I find it funny that a Florida February looks exactly like fall weather. The brownish grass, the colorful leaves… you’d never be able to tell that spring is just around the corner!

And when spring is here, you’ll know it. The grass and leaves are such a vibrant, saturated green, you’d think they’re fake!

Madi really liked this pose, so she demanded that I do it a lot. :P

La la la… this is getting boring… I want to do something active and FUN. Like spy on people! ?

On second thought, stealing attention away from everyone else sounds like fun. I’ll stick with this! ?

In another attempt to share personal details with the world, I scrambled away and sat on top of our mailbox. Instead of street numbers, however, Madison just got another closeup. :P

This is how everyone should feel! I’m on top of the wooorld!

Want to know something weird about the evil doll tyrant Madison? GREAT! Madi always has a habit of breaking out into random songs. Always. Over the years, she’s created quite the collection of warbling ditties and tunes. Everyone thought she was going to be a worship leader / songwriter one day. Upon editing this photo, she sang a little ditty that she’s sung for years:

“I’m on top of the wooorld! I’m on top of the wo-o-orld. I’m on top of the wooooorld; I’m on top of the wo-orld.”

I bursted out laughing at her voice because she seriously can’t sing, despite what people feed her conceited ego with. This resulted in a death glare from Madi to me.

Madison: I’m on top of the WOOO-

Me: I’ll stop you there.

YAY! I got some numbers in here! C’mon, Madison. Move your camera just a little over to the left… and down a little… giving away your address will be really good for you. The FBI has always wanted a spy like yourself, and they’ve been desperately trying to get you to join them. And with you gone and out of the way, and I can successfully take over the world.

*sighs pitifully* I guess I’ll have to deal with just taking over the attention for now. It was a worth a shot, though!

I’m sorry, FBI agents. This is as close as you’ll get in your endeavor to hire the best spy in the world to get her out of the way for me.

Actually, why not hire me? 18 inches I may be, yes, but I’m a GREAT spy! I have much training in the art of espionage, getting people to tell me their secrets, and then spilling the beans.

Dear FBI hiring agent, my name is Ellie Mae Ivy Ling and I live at 1944 DWOD Drive, a division of our actual street address. I am a determined girl with a mission; take over the world for the good of us dolls! I would be the new president of American Girl and bring back removable undies, Bitty Twins, and all the archived dolls without a modern revamp.

I am loyal, brave, and a strong fighter. I also happen to look fabulous, which is a necessity for a good spy. I play a large amount of pranks on my friends with my evil accomplice, Chloe Zoey Carter, who likes being a spy but is more of a ninja. She will be my right-hand-man, as much as she’d like to take over the world, too. I am great at finding out secrets and disclosing classified information, such as the fact that Madison just started and is working on the design for her own personal blog called-

Madison: AHA! Caught you! Don’t you dare, Ellie Mae!

Um, yikes! This is a terrible first impression on FBI hiring agents… err… AHA! A good spy knows where to hide! See my skills, agents?

I better hide in here so Madison doesn’t come after me!

Bye, guys! Wish me a happy birthday in the comments below! And of course, happy birthday to all of the beautiful Ivy dolls out there!


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