Um, hi. How exactly do you start a post off, anyway?

So… I’m Taryn… and this is my first post on Delightful World of Dolls.

Okay, let’s get this over with. I like fashion and Jasmine likes fashion so we joined together to create something called Taryn and Jazzy’s Fashion Academy, or TFJA for short. Both the title and the acronym rhyme, and Jasmine and I are pretty good friends, so it seemed like a good idea.

Until Jasmine told me that I’d have to write the first post.

Like, since when was she in charge of the fashion academy idea?

But since we had already taken the pictures for this installment, I only put up a little bit of a fight. Everyone else was begging me to post something, so I knew I’d have to eventually.

Yup… that’s me… in my Valentine’s Day attire… well… that’s it…

Jasmine, I don’t think this is going to work out.


Hey everybody! It’s your favorite doll in the whole entire world, Jasmine! Well, on the old DWOD survey, at least. On the one for 2017, I took a peek at the results and saw that YOU LOVE CHLOE BETTER THAN ME! *sobs*

Taryn, it’s totally okay. I’ll take over. I love taking over. I will soon take over the title of favorite doll, too. Revenge of the Jasmine Copeland.

Don’t Taryn and I look AMAZING in our Valentine’s Day outfits? Thanks! I think so, too. *flips hair*

Welcome to the first installment of Taryn and Jazzy’s Fashion Academy! Fashion Academy will be a series of posts including fashion pointers, clothing ideas, seasonal outfit tips, and more! For dolls, of course. Dolls are amazing.

TJFA won’t have a set schedule… it will be whenever we feel like it! Isn’t that right, Taryn?


Um, yeah. I guess so.


Great! Let’s get started!

Today we will be covering two types of styles for Valentine’s Day. Above, you see Taryn in her Simple & Sweet Valentine’s Day attire.

And then, you see the ever-lovely moi, in my Sparkly and Beautiful and Amazing and Pretty and Lovely and Dramatic and Glitzy Valentine’s Day attire.


Wait, that’s the title of your outfit?


Yes, and I don’t see anything wrong with it, do you?


Good! Let’s continue.

First up is my outfit! I’ll skip on the title, thanks to TARYN. Anyway. Here is a full view of it!

Isn’t it lovely? Aren’t I lovely?

My outfit consists of a white lacy top, red sequined skirt, red boots, pearl jewelry, and a red hair ribbon.

In finding the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day, you’re going to need to work in Valentine’s colors. My outfit, which is dramatic and sparkly, works strictly in red and white (though pink is awesome too, because pink is my favorite color). Mix ‘n matching is a wonderful fashion tip, and when working with solid Valentine’s colors, you’ll find an easy-peasy outfit for this lovely day in no time.

Accessories, such as pearl bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, are a necessity for dramatic and sparkly outfits like mine.

As for hair, wearing it down is the way to go! Add a sweet touch with a hair ribbon, and you’re good to go.

Taryn, do you feel ready to talk about yourself now?




Okay then. Taryn’s outfit is simple and not as extravagant – hence its name, Simple and Sweet.

Fashionistas with this type of style will want to find one major Valentine’s related piece and choose other accessories to tie the outfit together. For example, Taryn’s white T-shirt with a red heart design on it.

She chose a simple ribbon bracelet for an accessory, which I thought was genius because it looks really cute and it’s literally just a piece of ribbon tied around her wrist. :D

She made a headband from that same ribbon and then did a simple accent braid down one side of her head.

That’s it for this installment! We’re just getting started with this thing, so thank you for bearing with us and our first time doing a Fashion Academy post. Our future ones will be way better, with posts like Mix ‘N Matching Like a Pro, Autumn Attire, Spring Sheer, Fancy Updos, and more!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We you! :D Most importantly…

Jesus loves you. :D

Would you like to see more Fashion Academy posts?



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P.S. Madi here! By the time you’re reading this, I will be in Texas! I will have flown and landed here yesterday. I will be replying to comments on here but will not be as active on your blogs for the week I’m gone. I have another post scheduled, though, so the posts won’t drop or anything. :D I’ve brought a doll and camera to take pictures, and I can’t wait to share them when I get back! Bye, guys! :D