IMG_4959BFF’s Cécile and Jasmine celebrate the first day of May together!

IMG_4960Pretty CéCé!

IMG_4961Jazzy Jasmine :)

IMG_4962“This flower is for you CéCé!”

IMG_4964“Thank you Jazzy, you’re so sweet. How does it look in my hair?”

IMG_4965I LOVE this picture. It’s so bright and pretty with the flowers, but not as pretty as the one above this one ^ :)

IMG_4966Just talkin’…(and a shot of Jasmine’s GORGEOUS hairstyle! I took her hair down from a big bun and pinned a couple sections of hair back with bobbypins, and didn’t re-curl her hair in her original curls. It’s just messy curls from the bun! I love love love this style so much!)

IMG_4967Together Forever!

Happy May 1st everyone! What’s the weather like for you today? For me it’s beautiful and sunny!