Hey, guys! *waves excitedly because she always gets excited when someone reads her post* I’m so glad you’re here! The next part of Heads Up had two more votes than this did, but seeing it’s past the middle of the week and this is the only post I have almost-ready so far, I thought I’d just post this while I finish getting Heads Up part four together. I hope you enjoy it regardless!

A post production party is where the actors and directors of a film come together for a party to celebrate its release afterwards. So an after-party. I had one when I acted in a musical called Hello, Dolly! and it was really fun!

My dolls stoutly demanded they have one after The Goodbye. I did not try to stop them.

That is, until they took over the entire kitchen table and pushed back our family’s dinner by half an hour. My hungry angry hangry family was not too thrilled about that.

I finally decided that, as I couldn’t stop my determined little dollies, I’d interview them instead.

Without further ado… the interviews and the pictures I took of The Goodbye PPP!

Why, hello, Taryn! May I interview you about how The Goodbye went for you?

Taryn: How long will this take?

*sighs* Not long.

Taryn: Alright then.

So, my dear — how did the The Goodbye go for you?

Taryn: What happened to me was a true story and The Goodbye was the documentary of it. It was really fun to reenact all the in-the-past scenes, though!

It was?

Taryn: Yes?

They took forever to reenact!

Taryn: That’s because you move as slow as a snail when filming.

Hey! I think you’re confusing my slowness with your slowness. There were so many of them! I went as fast as I could!

Taryn: Nope. Definitely not. Not fast enough for me.


What are you eating, Taryn?

Taryn: I was eating these cookies until you so graciously interrupted me.

Alright, alright! I’m going.

Hey, Jasmine! Can I interview you about your experience with The Goo–

Jasmine: And so I was like, you’re rude! And she was like, you’re even ruder! And I was like, how rude! And she was like, how even ruder! And I was like–

You-who! Jasmine?

Jasmine: I don’t hear anyone annoying interrupting me, do you?

Jaz! I’m staring right at you!

Jasmine: I don’t see anyone I’m trying to pointedly ignore, do you?

Jasmine! It’s me, the paparazzi!

Jasmine: Oh, hey! Camera person! Get my good side now — oh. Wait. It’s just you. Ugh.

Yeah, I’m here to interview you about your experience with The Goo– what on earth are you wearing?

Jasmine: What every life of the party should be wearing! Sparkles! Glitter! Gold! Too bad they didn’t have this in pink.

Can I just… ask you about The Goodbye?

Jasmine: Knock yourself out.

What was it like reenacting Atarah?


Aaaaad we’re done here.

Hi, Molly, my love! What are you eating?

Molly: Hi, Mommy! A hotdog, cookie, and a sandwich. They’re awesome!

Care to answer a few questions about how it was to act in The Goodbye?

Molly: Oh my gosh, sure! That sounds awesome!

What was it like to have a camera on you the entire time you hunted for eggs?

Molly: It was awesome! I love having a camera on me! And when Emelie and I were the guards — that was so fun and funny! And awesome!

What was your favorite scene that happened?

Click to watch the scene!

Molly: He heh. This one, for sure. It was awesome!

Thank you, Molly dear! I could interview you all day. You’re awesome. ;)

Hey, Emelie! Feel like being interviewed?

Emelie: Sure! Why not?

What was it like to act in The Goodbye?

Click to watch the scene!

Emelie: My role, other than myself in the documentary part of it when we hunted for eggs and Taryn fell out of the tree, was to act as a guard named Ben. It was really funny since Molly, my best friend, was the other guard who argued with me. We had such a great time!

What was your least favorite part?

Emelie: When Taryn fell out of the tree — the real part, not the reenactment. We were all so worried! When I couldn’t get her pulse, I knew this was goodbye.

And we all know what happened, don’t we?

Emelie: We do if we’ve watched The Goodbye!

Right! Thanks, Emelie!

Emelie: I do think you could’ve tried harder to find a part for Delaney and K.C., though.

What is that supposed to mean?! I didn’t have enough time to fit new characters into the plot and make more costumes for them! I didn’t even get the movie out on time!

Emelie: Wrong. You just didn’t want to fit new characters into the plot and make more costumes for them.

I’m done here.

Hey, Chloe, can I–

Chloe: I’m a ninja, I’m a spy, I’m a ninja, I’m a spy…


Chloe Zoey Carter! You’re not stealing that entire pie, are you?

Chloe: UHHH — hi, Madison! *laughs nervously* What are you doing here?

I was going to interview you, but… my pie! You’re stealing it!

Chloe: What, were you going to eat it?

Ah, no. That’s doll pie. But you can’t have it all!

Chloe: Hey Madison! Your hair looks awesome right now.

D’awww, shucks. ? So does yours. ? Now, what was I doing here again?

Chloe: Interviewing me about The Goodbye!

You’re right! What was your favorite part?

Click to watch the scene!

Chloe: Stealing everyone’s Easter eggs. That was great. Until Taryn caught me…

Like how I’m catching you steal my pie I made for everyone to enjoy?

Chloe: *winces* You weren’t fooled?


Chloe: Hey Madison! Your outfit looks awesome today!

D’awww. ? Thanks again. So does yours.

Chloe: Goodbye now!


Hey, Ellie! May I ask about your experience in The Goodbye?

Ellie: You may.

… Well? How was it?

Ellie: Look, I get having to stick to realism and Taryn’s experience, but I got, like, two scenes.

Now, you know that’s not true.

Ellie: Alright. Six or something. But half of them were group ones, so they don’t count as “my” scenes. That is absolutely measly.


Ellie: No you’re not.

Not really.

Ellie: So genuine.


Ellie: I expect a stop motion with me and ONLY me sometime in the near future.


Ellie: Fine. I can at least be the main character of one.






Cécile: MOM! Chloe just stole the entire pie!

I know. Can I interview you about The Goodbye?

Cécile: But — Chloe — the pie!

The interview.

Cécile: What do you want to know?

What was your favorite part about being in The Goodbye?

Cécile: *sighs* Honestly, mom, there was so much work involved and I had to oversee everyone while you were gone and NO ONE WAS LISTENING TO ME–

Oh, CéCé, I’m so sorry–

Cécile: But I made so many memories and had such a great time! It was a lot of fun, too!

Oh, well that’s good to hear–

Cécile: Despite the fact no one would listen to me! Mom, your children and legal… whatever it is you are a legal guardian over… legal maniacs? — are CRAZY!

Oh, I’m sorry–

Cécile: And it was SO fun!  :D

Oh, I’m glad —

Cécile: But they kept fighting and arguing and being SO immature! It was awful!

Oh my–

Cécile: And I had SUCH a great time!

… are you done?

Cécile: Yes.

Can I take a picture of your outfit because I like it?

Cécile: Wait! Lemme strike a pose.

Thanks! You look great!

Cécile: I’d say the same about you, but… err…

AHEM? Chloe just told me that I looked awesome!

Cécile: Ninja lie.


Hello, Josefina!

Josefina: Hello!

Would you mind answering some questions about The Goodbye?

Josefina: Not at all!

Nice dolls are so refreshing. ?

Josefina: What would you like to know?

Who did you play?

Josefina: Myself for the first scenes — and then I reenacted who Taryn refers to as Slave Hunter Dude.

Slave Hunter Dude ?

Josefina: You did an… interesting job on the beards.

Gee, thanks.

Josefina: No, really. Thanks for getting Sharpie on my face.

You’re welcome.

Josefina: There’s still a mark there. Great job.

Just when I thought I was free from insults.


Taryn! Any last words before we end the interviews?

Taryn: Sure, first I’d like to say–


Taryn: Ah, no. What I wanted to say was–

No, Chloe!

Chloe: *ridiculously loud smacking noises*

Um, Chloe? Have you eaten all the pie?

Chloe: Nom nom nom

Ah… never mind.

Taryn: I just want to say that what happened to me changed my life forever.

How so?

Taryn: Well, take how I used to be. Hopeless… rude… I didn’t care about anyone but myself. *laughs* I had problems.

So what happened?

Taryn: Someone stepped in and solved all the problems.

They did?

Taryn: If there’s one thing my entire experience has taught me, it’s that Jesus is the answer to all of life’s problems. Because when Jesus steps in, the devil steps out.

You stole that quote from me, didn’t you?

Taryn: Don’t ruin the moment! And, well, maybe. But you stole it from another minister, so. I rest my case.

Hey! You’re not supposed to blow my cover like that…

Taryn: I was broken and hopeless when I came here, and when Delaney wasn’t adopted with me I became even more so. I was so selfish and mean. But after Jesus stepped in? I said goodbye to the old me.

How does that affect you now?

Taryn: Honestly, I couldn’t imagine my life any better. I’m not saying things don’t go wrong, I just don’t identify with them. I’m so new to this whole trusting-Jesus thing, but with all my amazing Godly role-model friends, I’m ready to conquer life with Jesus leading the way. Because He lives and reigns in victory, so can I — that’s what Easter is about and what I learned in the most life-changing way of my, well, life.

What would you say to anyone else who is feeling lost, broken, and hopeless like you were?

Taryn: You don’t have to live this way. There’s so much more God wants for your life — you’re who He sent His Son to die for! No one could love you any more than that. It’s so hard to put it into words — honestly, watching The Goodbye, the documentary and reenactment of what happened to me, is probably the only way I can explain it. And even then… I just can’t put into words the new life Jesus gave me. 

Thank you, Taryn!

Taryn: Sending you all hugs through the cyber dimensions! We love you all and pray for you daily!

I thought it was funny that right after snapping this picture Chloe ran off to barf after eating all that pie, but she did not.

Do your dolls ever ruin your family dinner plans?

… just mine?



and of course… *sighs*


Even though Delaney and K.C. didn’t attend the party, they insisted on their names being listed too.