*pumps fist* YES! FINALLY, right? I actually would’ve forgotten about this had you guys not asked “when are you going to post the next part of Heads Up?” So thanks for reminding me!

It means the world that you like my photostories. All of you are in mind as I make them! I hope you enjoy this final part.

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This series and that intro song has a lot of memories for me. Michael, a close family friend who’s like my older brother, used to stay with us every summer for missionary training (my dad is his spiritual mentor), and 2017 (when I started this series) was his last year to do it.

2017 was such an incredible year and we made so many amazing memories. He introduced me to that song and artist, and I played it all the time. XD

Michael is now a missionary in Thailand. I miss him so much and this song and series reminds me of him SO I AM GETTING ALL SENTIMENTAL. *sobs*

These pictures are all 2018 pictures, but set in a time before Christmas 2017, as I took a break from Heads Up in August of 2017 to prepare for and do HOTH. And now I’m finishing it with a finale I hope you’ll love!

Delaney’s POV

I enter the bedroom restlessly. The past few months have been torture without my best friend Katy.

Plus. Christmas will be here soon. What’s Christmas without my best friend?

I was the reason she left, after all. She left so I could be happy with my sister. But I’m not happy without Katy, too.

The sight of Josefina and Jasmine playing dolls with Ellie working on a piece of art greets me.

Ellie’s determined little eyes flash about her piece of paper as she works. We both rival a lot and like to compete with each other, but part of me wonders what would happen if we teamed up.

For a common goal.

Like finding out where Katy Christine went.

I approach Ellie slowly so as not to disturb her artistic muse or whatever that is. I adjust my shirt and straighten my demeanor. I’ve gotta be smart about this.

Flatter her is the first step to success my brain gives me. I’ve got geniusness Einstein would envy.

I clear my throat. “That drawing looks incredible, Smell—I mean, Ellie.”

Ellie looks up at me in surprise. “You really think so?”

I nod my head. “Yeah. The sun’s reflection in the water is really well done.”

Ellie smiles. “I’ve worked really hard on it.”

I slip an arm around Ellie and slap her back. “So, Smell. I’ve got a proposition for ya.”

Ellie frowns. “I knew you were getting to something.”

“Yeah, well, this is important.” I exhale deeply. “And I need your help with it.”

“Get on with it.”

I look her square in the face. “I want to go find K.C.”

Ellie thoughtfully sets down her sketchpad next to a cup of crayons and slips the sparkly artist’s beret from her slick black hair.

She looks back at me with a mischievous smile. “I have a feeling Cécile wouldn’t approve.”

I smirk. “It’s a risky operation.”

“Then count me in.”

Ellie hops on the computer while I slip an arm around the back of her chair. Her nimble fingers fly across the keyboard. “I’m stalking Katy on every network I can think of. Katy Christine Cooper, right? She’s gotta be somewhere.”

“Maybe we can search for whoever was supposed to adopt me. Katy took my place.” I lean in over Ellie’s shoulder. “And can you hurry?”

At a sharp hiss from Ellie, I fall silent. For an intense ten seconds of silence, she stares at the screen.

Then Ellie turns back to me and smiles. “Gear up, Del. I’ve got the address of the girl Katy went to.”


A couple ankle boots, messenger bags, and leather jackets later, Ellie and I are out the door and on the street.

Ellie mumbles a prayer, and I look over at her in annoyance. “If you’re doing that out loud just to make a point to me, you can stop now.”

Ellie shrugs. “God’s gonna help us find Katy, you’ll see.”

“And you’re sure you’ve got the right address?”

Ellie nods. “Yep, right on my phone here.”

“Which direction are we headed?”

“Uh… I dunno. I should probably check.”

When Ellie slips out her phone to verify the address, her eyes widen. “Del.”

“What? Tell me right now.”

Ellie shakes her head with a look of shock. “Del, she was on this street the entire time.”

To be continued













Just kidding.

After a bunch of yelling and running down the street to the direct address, Ellie and I arrive, panting, in front of a green-striped house.

“This is it?!” I gasp. “My best friend has been on my same street this whole entire time?!”

Ellie begins walking to the door, but I run up ahead of her and throw myself against it. Ellie and I have to create a human doll ladder to reach the doorbell, but once we do, we wait in breathlessness.

And after waiting for seven straight minutes, we retreat from the house in defeat.

“I guess we just got the wrong address.” Ellie sighs sadly and clenches her phone. “Maybe we can search again tomorrow.”

“There’s your God now,” I snort.

“Keep your head up, Del.”

I fight to keep tears from my eyes. “Yeah. Whatever.”

At the sound of a familiar voice shouting behind us, Ellie and I both turn around in an instant.

My jaw drops nearly to the ground at the sight of Sarah Moore, the atheist, without her glasses.

Sarah rushes up to me. “It’s you!”

“Ms. Moore! Is this your house?”

Sarah smiles and nods. “Yeah! It took me a while to get to the door—sorry. My owner was having a heck of a time with her new doll.” Then she waves at Ellie and introduces herself. “What did you guys need?”

I sigh. “I was looking for that friend I told you about last time we met.”

I glance down at one of the bracelets on Sarah’s wrist and furrow my eyebrows. “Ms. Moore?”


“Why are you wearing a Christian fish charm on your bracelet? I thought you were an atheist.”

Sarah laughs. “Funny you should ask.”

“What’s so funny?”

“A few months ago, my owner received a new doll who talked about everything you and I talked about that day where we ran into each other.”

“Really? Did she turn you into a Christian?”

Sarah smiles. “And my life has been all the better for it.”

At the sound of the front door opening and closing, Sarah turns to see. “Oh, look. There she is now.”

At the sight of Katy Christine sprinting down the driveway, my jaw drops.

“Katy!” I scream, throwing my arms around her.

“Del!” She echoes, squishing me in a hug. “I was praying every day that God would bring you back to me!”

My lips part in surprise. “You were? God did?”

Katy pulls away, smiles, and nods. “Isn’t He just awesome?”

Sarah steps up to me. “Did you ever find that love and courage we talked about, too?”

I give my shoulders a little shrug. “M—maybe. But I think He found me.” I awkwardly try to change the subject. “Can we take Katy home?”

Ellie frowns. “That’s stealing.”

Katy gives a nervous giggle and shakes her head. “My owner hates me. I give her such a hard time. She was planning to give me away, anyway.”

I wipe mock sweat off my forehead. “We came here just in time, then. Thank good—” I trail off and smile a little at everyone looking me. “Thank—God.”

Sarah smiles and pats my arm. “He loves you. You should ask Katy to tell you about Him sometime.”

I glance down at the Christian fish symbol on her wrist.

Then I reach my hand back to clutch Katy’s. “Yeah, I think I will.”

The End


Do you think Del will give her heart to Jesus? Do you like leather jackets? Once Del got one, I liked them so much that I made them the classic garb for a whole class of warriors in my novel series and I bought one for myself. XD


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