Hang on to Hope
Season 1, Part 2

IMG_9489“Anytime you’re ready, champ.” Martha told me. “We’re here.”

I reluctantly stood up out of Martha’s jeep, half-heartedly even wanting to be here. They would just kick me out later.

“She’s here!” I heard a young woman cheer. A couple came rushing from the house to greet us.

“You must be Miss Jones,” the man shook hands with Martha. “I’m Jackson Taylor, and this is my wife, Amy. Thank you for bringing Isadora here.”

“It’s Issa.” I interrupted coldly. The couple paused awkwardly. “Hello, Issa, I’m Amy,” the woman finally shook my hand with a smile.

“I’ll get Issa’s things,” Martha quickly grabbed my bag from the back of the car and handed it to me. “Good luck, Issa,” Martha told me.

“Goodbye!” Martha called, and then she drove off.

“Well, let’s go inside, shall we?” Amy suggested, putting a comforting arm around me.
“We have some lunch if you’re hungry, it’s some lasagna I just made. It’s very tasty…”

IMG_9496I uncomfortably walked towards the house with them.
Amy was talkative and sweet. Jackson was kind and informative. But that’s how they all are. Once they saw the dark side of me, things could get nasty quicker than the speed of light, and it’s back with Martha I go.

To be continued…

P.S. Sorry it’s a little short – I’m about to leave for dinner with my dad, sister, and I.