img_0157(Look at that pretty skirt! ;) )

Yay! A craft, finally! I’ve been so busy with photo story series and other upcoming stuff for my blog I haven’t found a lot of time to craft lately. Which stinks, because I love crafting!

So while trying to find an idea for October’s Mini Doll Monday, I was finding an outfit to put Jessa in. She needed something new, so I made her something real quick.

img_0159And boy, was it ever quick! In seconds I had a super cute mini doll skirt made from…

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-33-31-pmA sock!

But first, get an adult’s permission before cutting any socks. ;)

You will need:

•A sock with a higher ankle
•A small hair elastic
•Your mini doll!

Let’s get started. :D
(If you need to, get an adult’s help with the scissors. ;) :) )

img_0155The picture is pretty self-explanatory, but basically, you grab your sock with its higher ankle and cut it all the way across, right about the heel.

img_0156Slip it on your doll. Then slip a small hair elastic over it, like a little belt to keep it up.

img_0157(I need to trim the little frayed parts off. ;P)
Tada! It’s that simple, and with all kinds of different socks with all kinds of different patterns, your mini doll’s wardrobe can be expanded dramatically!

If you wanted a longer skirt or even a dress, you could cut from a knee-high sock and make the skirt part of it longer. :D

img_0159Isn’t Jessa so pretty? :) She really likes the skirt and is pleased with how it turned out! Now I’m on the hunt for more slightly higher-ankled socks that nobody’s using… ;)

img_0162That’s all for this month’s Mini Doll Monday! Jessa says adios and wishes you the best day yet! :)

If you tried out this craft on your mini dolls, let me know! :D
Would you like to see more crafts?


Madison and Jessa ♥