There I was, beginning to shoot part 1 of Hang on to Hope, and already being mega frustrated because of lighting issues and how much time it was taking, when…

Lightning. Thunder. KABLAMMY WHAMMY SLAM! The power went out.


A mix of frustration and relief welled inside. I was already behind schedule and now the power goes out for at least two hours? Lamesauce. But I was relieved that I couldn’t do these frustrating pictures even if I wanted to. Great excuse to stop! *pats self on back triumphantly*

Taking advantage of the darkness, I snapped some cool shadow (and then random) shots.

Yes, my room is messy. I have HOTH to blame thank for that. ?

OKAY. Can we talk about my reflector for a second? I thought that would totally take my photography to the next level, but I just can’t do it like American Girl Doll Artist & CatLover02, Jessica, or ThePolkaDotPatriot can.

MY REFLECTOR IS MEAN, GUYS. It makes no difference in my photos, like, at all? I mean, I could tell a microscopic smidgen of difference for both sides, but it TOTALLY wasn’t worth it AT ALL for all the trouble it was to make somebody hold it up (might I mention it’s ginormous) as they complain all the while I crouch under my loft bed desk and deform my neck trying to take good photos in an already cramped space.

And its stand? I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

I guess my photography will forever be deemed hopeless since my reflector hates me. *wails for eternity*

I planned to continue some brainstorming for the revision of my first novel while I waited for the power to come back on — but of course, right as I sat down yesterday to rant all this, THE POWER CAME BACK ON AFTER BEING OFF FOR TEN MINUTES.

XD This is what goes into the posts you see here on DWOD, folks.

Yes, welcome to Delightful World of Dolls, where anything can happen and probably will.

So instead of a reflector, I use a studio light — totally borrowed, not stolen, from the ones in our ministry’s studio ;) — but just today I tried the difference between natural light along with the studio light facing backwards, away from the set and bouncing off the other walls, compared to the studio light straight on.

The one on the left is with way more natural light and backwards-studio-light experiment, and the one on the right is with the studio light straight on (it’s pretty big so I couldn’t fit it under my desk with me to shine right at her). I like the first result better, so I shot my photos that way for this set today.

That’s all for today’s HOTH update! Stay tuned for plenty more sneak peeks, updates, and teasers to come!

What do you think season 3 will be about?