The title basically explains itself. Today Jasmine and Emelie wanted to get outside and play!

IMG_3407“Oh my – lands sakes alive!” Emelie sputtered as the wind shut the door behind them. “It’s nearly freezing out here!”

“You sound so dramatic with your English accent when you say that,” Jasmine grinned. Emelie blushed, smiling.

They were the only ones with clothes warm enough to go outside in, so they were the only ones of the whole dollie group who wanted to go outside.

IMG_3408Emelie jumped down from the step stool.

IMG_3409Emelie then helped Jasmine down.

IMG_3410“So, what should we do first?” Emelie said, bracing against the strong, freezing wind.

IMG_3411“Follow me! I want to show your this beautiful flower I found a few days ago when Cécile and I were playing ‘Princess Petunia’ again.” Jasmine cried eagerly.

IMG_3412“It’s just over here, behind the RV!”

“Wait up!”

IMG_3413Jasmine stopped dead in her tracks.

IMG_3414“Jasmine! What is it?”

IMG_3415Emelie sat down next to a very sad-looking Jasmine.

IMG_3416“Is that where the flower was?” Emelie asked gently.

IMG_3417“Yes. It….it….it……..”

IMG_3418“…..It wilted! I’m so sad. I was hoping to let it grow more flowers – but the only one is now gone! It was so pretty. I should have picked it when I had the chance.”

IMG_3419Emelie went over and decided to fix Jasmine’s hair. Not that it was broken, LOL, she just wanted to style it.

IMG_3420“There, there, Jasmine. I’m sure there are plenty of flowers around here that look just like it. We just have to find them.” Sweet Emelie comforted.

IMG_3421IMG_3423“Thanks, Emelie.” Jasmine smiled, feeling better over the loss of her flower. She felt her hair. “Wow, this is pretty!”

IMG_3425IMG_3426IMG_3427IMG_3428    IMG_3429“WAHOOOOOO!” Emelie shouted as she dove into a cartwheel.

IMG_3430 “That was random. Hey, want to do cartwheels? You’re wearing pants under your dress, right?”


IMG_3440*ignore blue skirt in corner of photo. Ugh!*

So Jasmine and Emelie, after having their fair share of cartwheels, laid down in the grass, smiling.

IMG_3441“Brr! I think it’s time we go inside and ask Madison for some hot apple cider tea.”

IMG_3442“Right again, Emelie!”

IMG_3443*THE END*!