IMG_3313I, Emelie Rose Hope Bennett had stepped out the RV door and sucked in the chilly air. I was glad I was wearing a hoodie! Not to mention, my NEW hoodie as from the STARRY HOODIE OUTFIT! Madison let me wear it first.

Wait – who is that?


IMG_3315“Joy! What are you doing out here?”


IMG_3317“Oh, hey, Emelie!”

“Gosh, Joy, what about the cold?”

“Why are you concerned about the cold? You have a hoodie on!”

“Not me – you! That shirt is so light and airy, and doesn’t have hardly any sleeves! Hence the name, SUMMER Skirt outfit? Aren’t you cold?”

IMG_3318“Nahhh. It’s going to warm up anyways – it’s Florida!”

Joy didn’t seem to mind the cold.

IMG_3319“Hey, do you want to come with me? I’m going on an…..adventure.”

The way Joy said adventure worried me, but I was itching to get out the cramped, stuffy RV anyways, so I followed her.

IMG_3320All of the sudden, Joy scampered like a squirrel onto the picnic table bench thing!

IMG_3321 I gawked. “H-h-how did you do that?” I stammered.

IMG_3322“Come over here. See, you place your hands here and use your gymnast strength all of us have and lift yourself up, get a jumping start – here, I’ll help you!”

Before I knew it, I somehow ended up atop the picnic table bench!

IMG_3323“Whew! I am out of breath,” I gasped. I wanted to rest for a minute, but Joy was already climbing  on top of the table!

IMG_3324“What are you doing down there, Emelie? Come on up! It’s fun up here!” Joy shouts down to me.

IMG_3325I take a deep breath before preparing to pull myself up onto the table. I jump up…

IMG_3326…And with a grunt and a bit of Joy’s help, I find myself atop the table!

IMG_3327“Isn’t it nice up here?” Joy asks me wistfully. “You can see the almost as high as Madison and her family does! Don’t you despise being eighteen inches some times?”

I’ve never thought about it that way before, but Joy did have a point.

IMG_3328Joy throws herself down near the edge of the table and yells dramatically, “Would you LOOK at these strange markings on the table?!! I wonder what they are! Maybe Indians built this years ago and put Indian sigs on them.”

I laugh at Joy’s funny assumption. Indians? Building tables and benches? And how would it end up here, anyways? They were probably just markings put on there by the RV Park for the RV sites and stuff.

IMG_3329Nevertheless I walked over to where she was standing, looking at the markings on the table. I wasn’t watching where I was going, and stumbled upon a handle form the nearby grill!

IMG_3337“Wo-o-ahhh!” I cried as I lost my balance.

IMG_3353I stumbled very close to the edge of the table and that’s when I realized how high from the ground I seemed!

IMG_3354I looked down. Three feet down? Five feet? All of the sudden my world spend. A hundred feet? WHAT?! I felt dizzy. “Emelie! Are you alright?” I could hear Joy ask me.

IMG_3355I held my hand to my dizzy head and tried to steady myself. I was comfortable with the height of a gymnastics beam, but atop of high table?

IMG_3356I slowly started down. “Where are you going?”

“Down!” I answered curtly. I had enough adventure for one day!

IMG_3357I nearly fell off a table, for goodness sakes! I stomped off back towards the RV. Joy scrambled down to the bench. “Emelie, wait!”

IMG_3358Joy jumped down (wow….) and ran in front of me. “Emelie! Stop! What happened to adventuring with me?”

I could see the pleading in Joy’s eyes. She had been lonely ever since new BFF, Josefina, had been playing with Jessa, her new doll, all the time. Joy was desperate for someone to be with.

“I-I-” I stammered. I sighed before making my decision.

“I’m staying out here, I just–” *deep breath* needed to take a break from the table for a while.

IMG_3359Joy grabbed my hand. It melted my heart. “Thank you, Emelie! I promise, from now on our adventures will stay on the ground!”

IMG_3361She led me around for a few minutes, scouting about an adventure. I was enjoying the cool, breezy weather and the warm sun.

IMG_3363I suddenly felt Joy’s hand break away from mine and she ran to the RV. “Would ya look at that?!”

IMG_3364“What?” I said, crouching down to look at that she was pointing too. All I could see was the shadows and darkness under the RV.

IMG_3365Joy dropped to her knees and started crawling under the RV. “Joy Ivy Ling!” I hissed. “What on earth are you doing?!”

IMG_3366“You see that? That jack? I want to touch it!”

IMG_3367“Joy! You get out form under there right now! For one reason, you’re in a skirt and I can see your underwear. Ahh! For the second reason, GETTING UNDER THE RV IS DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT FROM UNDER THERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!” I was yelling at her.

I could see the RV sway with the movement of Madison and her family inside.

IMG_3368“I just want to touch this one jack!”

The RV swayed more. If that jack ever failed, the RV would come crashing down on her!

IMG_3369“You get out from under there right now or I am telling our LEGAL GUARDIAN!!!!!”

Joy ignored me.

“Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE UNDER THE RV!” I was freaked out for Joy’s life.

IMG_3370I ran to the RV door and started banging on it. I got out of the way as it opened and madison looked at me. “What’s wrong?” Madison asked me as she saw my horrified face.

IMG_3371I saw Joy scramble out from under the RV. “Uh oh…” I heard her whisper.

IMG_3374She started at the massive pair of feet besides mind. I saw her gulp. She looked up. There, beside me, was Madison and she did not look to happy!

IMG_3379“What were you doing under the RV?” Madison asked calmly. “I-I-I-” Joy stammered. “I-wanted to touch the leveling jack,” Joy finally choked up. “You know if those jacks ever failed, the RV would lurch to one side, right? And might scare you out of your wits or even crush you?”

IMG_3380Joy’s cheeks turned scarlet red. “I – I thought they wouldn’t since – the tires were on the ground,” Joy sputtered.

IMG_3381“Do you think I would be HAPPY if you were under there? Joy, I could lose you forever!” Madison raised her voice.

“I’m very sorry.”

IMG_3382“The best place for you, Joy Ivy Ling, is right there and you are not to move from that spot until I say you can. That’s quite enough adventuring for one day!” Madison told Joy as she picked her up and set her down on the bench. Then she went to the steps. Then she turned around, pointing to her eyes, then Joy’s with her two fingers, signaling I have my eye on you.

IMG_3383“Hi.” I said, climbing up onto the bench with Joy,

IMG_3384“I’m sorry you’re in time-out.”

IMG_3386“Oh, it’s – um, not that bad, really. I’m just sorry I’ve made Madison sore.” Joy told me.

IMG_3387“And, I’M sorry –  I shouldn’t have crawled under the RV. I should have listened to you.”

IMG_3388“It’s fine,” Emelie blurted. We both smiled.


IMG_3390“Well, one thing I don’t mind about sitting in time-out is that you have a lot of time to think.” Joy told me.

IMG_3391I hugged her. “What have you been thinking about?”

“About how much thinking I can get done!”

We both laughed.


IMG_3392P.S. Madison here! Here is Emelie in the Starry Hoodie Outfit! IIIIIIII LLLOOOVVVVEEEE IT!!!!

IMG_3393 IMG_3394 IMG_3395She looks adorable in it. It comes with a stretchy braided headband, and hoodie, leggings, and pretty flats.

IMG_3396And here’s Joy in Julie’s Summer Skirt outfit! Doesn’t she look groovy, as Julie would say?

IMG_3397IMG_3398The shoes have elastic in the back that come over her ankles so they don’t slip off. I love that so much about these shoes!

IMG_3399 IMG_3400The skirt is very pretty, and I love the shirt best of all! It can become un-tucked and is a great mix-‘n-match piece. I can’t wait to pair it with some doll jeans once we move into our new house, whenever and wherever that may be, and unpack out stuff.

IMG_3401 IMG_3402The head band is gorgeous, and it ties in the back.

IMG_3403Joy and Emelie, the greatest of friends!

Do your dolls have adventures, even sneaky ones?