With Addy’s School Outfit, my dolls like to play a game they call “Princess Petunia”. They take turns playing the princess names Petunia. Today, Jasmine played Princess Petunia. What started out as a game has now inspired a play (or for us, a photstory) and they want me to be their narrator. Here we go.

IMG_3202Princess Petunia was a feisty, adventurous ten-year-old girl. She liked to play outside.

IMG_3203 IMG_3204 IMG_3205Her hair was spruces up fine by the maids.

IMG_3206 IMG_3207 IMG_3208She curtseys currently like a young lady in her time should.

But Princess Petunia has trouble following the rules.

IMG_3215 IMG_3216 IMG_3217She loves to climb trees! The maid watching over her is shocked beyond belief. “Climbing trees? Unladylike. IN A DRESS?! Unbelievable!”

IMG_3218As punishment Princess Petunia is supposed to be in time-out.

Wow, so harsh. lol

IMG_3209 IMG_3210 IMG_3212 IMG_3213Princess Petunia is very bored.

Petunia imagined climbing in the trees……Of course she knew if she did it again she’d be in REAL trouble. But she couldn’t sit here still any longer! So when the maid wasn’t looking….

IMG_3219 IMG_3220 IMG_3221She jumped up to pick a flower and place it in her hair.

IMG_3222Isn’t she looking fine?

IMG_3223Hey, an RV moved into the spot next to us! Oh, right, back to the play.

IMG_3224Another flower!

IMG_3225Wait, the RV moved out? Within five minutes? Weird.

Oh, right, back…to the play…

IMG_3226“Such a gorgeous flower!” Petunia gushed.

That’s when she saw the bugs crawling all over it.

IMG_3228She let out a blood-curling, eardrum-destroying, petrified screech and threw the flower down.

IMG_3229She ran away screaming.

IMG_3230She ran aimlessly away from here she threw the flower down. The maid had gone inside and never heard the screams.

IMG_3231But Princess Petunia’s foot got caught in a crack!

IMG_3233She screamed as the force threw her head first…

IMG_3234…into a patch of clovers!

IMG_3235Petunia sat up, breathlessly, waiting for a maid to come rushing out to help her up. Her hair was all messy and she was sure her new dress was grass-stained!

But no one had heard her.

IMG_3236She took a deep breath and straightened her hair.

IMG_3237IMG_3239She stood up, taking a few breaths, and told herself she was fine. No scratches, just a few tiny bruises, and her hair was, well, sort-of fixed.

IMG_3240“Hey, this isn’t a patch of clovers – there are flowers here!” Petunia exclaimed,

IMG_3241She picked a nice bouquet before realizing…

IMG_3242These had bugs in them too!

IMG_3243“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” came the screams again and she flung the flowers down and ran for her life! hehe LOL

IMG_3244She stopped after taking a few steps. “This is silly, they’re only bugs and last time I ran helplessly I fell down! Wait, what’s that?!”

IMG_3245In the field just ahead – one, gorgeous, single, flower. She wanted it,

Her feet stopped but her upper body kept going!

IMG_3246“NOT AGAIN!” She yelled as she began to fall helplessly.


IMG_3248She was fine, landing in the nice, soft, grassy patch, and she was about to pick the flower when-

IMG_3249“Wait.” She sighed. “If I pick that one flower, it will be gong and it will wither away very fast. I will leave it here and until more grow just like it so others can enjoy it’s beauty too.”

IMG_3250IMG_3251Goodbye, little flower.

IMG_3252When Petunia returned to where she was supposed to be, the little maid was yelling.

IMG_3253“I’m sorry, but-“


IMG_3256“For a girl my age you sure yell loudly.”

IMG_3257The little maid dropped her hand to her sides, counted to ten, and took a breath before speaking again. “You’re right, Princess Petunia, forgive me for yelling.”

IMG_3258“So why would you lose your job just because I escape time-out?”

IMG_3259“You might not know your parents to be harsh to you, but it’s a lot different for servants. If we’re found slacking off, we lose our jobs. And we can’t support our families. We’re only peasants! My job was to look after you. And I got distracted doing something else and when I came back you were gone. If the King and Queen find out….” the little maid was very distraught.

IMG_3260“It’s OK! I won’t tell. What’s your name?”

“Isabelle, ma’am.”

“You don’t have to call me that. Call me Petunia. Let’s be friends!”

IMG_3261“I would love that very much, Petunia, but if your parents found out I was socializing with someone with a higher place…..”

IMG_3262“Then we’ll keep it a secret. I’ll make sure you don’t lose your job.”

♥ THE END! ♥

P.S. Bonus pictures!

IMG_3263Cute hairstyle, yes?

IMG_3264Look at the huge bow! XD

IMG_3265Petunia’s doll!

IMG_3189 IMG_3190 IMG_3191 IMG_3192 IMG_3193 IMG_3194 IMG_3195 IMG_3196I took Emelie out (while it was actually raining! Sprinkling, but raining!) and the Umbrella really works like a real umbrella. It kept her dry for the most part!