Why, bonjour, lovelies! Have you missed me? It is I – I mean, how can you not tell – Cécile Rey! ?

Guess what? In our first Christmas card exchange, I got to exchange cards with my friend Grace, who is sometimes featured on the blog Dolls N’ All. Grace told me that if I asked Madison for a post on here, she would ask for a post on there! I thought that was a marvelous idea, and since I haven’t posted in forever, Madison thought that was a good idea, too. :D

Pretty much the only thing I wanted was a photoshoot, since I haven’t had one since my birthday in May. I love wintertime, and so on the coldest day of the entire year (for Florida) and back in January, Madison took me out for one wintry, matchless photoshoot!

Matchless as in weather, of course. Definitely not matchless as in this photoshoot is the best one ever (as you can tell by Madi’s horrendous photography skills ?).

We have a stack of firewood in our backyard for making fires in our fire pit on cold nights, and I thought it would be cool to take some pictures of me on and next to it! :D

This was really fun! Even though I’m not much of an adventurer, I felt adventurous – in the cold, trekking across treacherous paths, fighting for survival… yeah, that sounds more like something Chloe or Ellie would do. ?

Hello. :P

I was really cold by this point, but Madison wanted to stay out and take more pictures of me. :P I mean, I’m not complaining, I like being in the spotlight… but it was the coldest day of the year for Florida, folks! Matchlessly cold!

You can see our ministry office in the background. :P It is under perpetual construction, but you should’ve seen what it looked like when we first bought it! ?

Well, that’s about it! I demanded to know why this photoshoot was so short, but then it dawned on me. Well, duh. It was freezing cold! ?

Does it feel cold where you live? Are you looking forward to warm weather? Are you tired of photoshoots? ;)


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