Shout-outs are one of my favorite ways to learn about new doll sites! I’m always in awe at the incredible blogs out there and yours are the ones I look forward to reading every week. Introduce new readers to your doll site or shout-out a special post or page by leaving the link to it below! First, I’d love to share a little something random neat with you…

[On the day I’m writing this post XD], I took my Girls of Many Lands doll Leyla out for a photoshoot. I had been spiffying up my doll area when she caught my eye… She is just sooo pretty and breathtaking and I was racking my brain for an excuse to take pictures of her.

I mostly just post about American Girl dolls, but Girls of Many Lands was made by American Girl, anyway, I told myself as I stared at her. Plus, she’s perfect to do a “shout-out your doll site” with.

To my hand came Leyla, in popped my memory card, and out I stepped at 6 PM in the evening to take pictures of her. ?

Ahh! She’s so pretty! Leyla is Turkish and is from the year… uhh… I have her little year tag in my doll collection somewhere, but it’s my doll collection we’re talking about. That pretty much takes up my entire room. It could be anywhere.

I don’t have her book, since I got her (along with three other GOML dolls) for my 10th birthday from a man in our old church who had access to collectibles or something like that. I think he got them second-hand or used or something – I’m not exactly sure on how/why he got them, haha. I’m pretty sure my library has her book, though, so I want to check it out soon.

I’m pretty sure she’s Muslim, and during the entire time I took this photoshoot I couldn’t stop thinking about our missionaries in Pakistan and Iraq (as well as how I was going to word that sentence *facepalm*).

The convert rate for Muslim women to Christianity is very high, and the reason for that kept me wondering about Leyla’s story and I began to really want to read it.

I also began to think about making a little photostory series of Leyla accepting Jesus as her Savior, but then I wasn’t too sure about it.

Leyla is so precious… I can’t believe I haven’t taken her out for a photoshoot until now!

I got really excited when I took this picture, because I thought it would look really cool on the front page of an American Girl catalog for Girls of Many Lands dolls… ?

Or maybe this one for a GOML catalog! I really like it.

Around the time I took this picture, I had a few more ideas about that little photostory series I was talking about. I began to wonder about Muslim culture and deciding I would ask my dad and maybe even our missionaries to find more about the place of women in their religion and more on why their conversation rate to Christianity is so high.

Then my mind began to think of random political stuff before I took this picture. XD


I kind of and kind of don’t like this angle. :P

This one calls for some words, but I can’t think of anything inspirational to add on it. XD

*insert clever caption*

Leyla had a bit of a struggle in trying to climb over this fence… XD I haven’t really decided on her personality since she isn’t featured on here as much, but if I do decide to make that mini photostory series, I’ll do a little research on her religion and then probably give her a bit of an adventurous and slightly rebellious personality that just wants to be loved. And then she finds that love when she accepts Jesus. Awwww… that just made my heart go out to her. ?

This is my second favorite photo! I REALLY like it. :D

I think I got the most excited right here. I literally froze in shock for a few moments as I looked down at the picture on my camera, wondering to myself, “Did I really just take this?” That sounds kind of conceited, I know… XD What do you think about it? I was so scared that I was going to be editing it later and then find something to criticize about it, so I took a few more angles after figuring out what it was but couldn’t get this exact shot. Just as I figured, I’ve found a ton of things to criticize about this picture. XD Leyla’s sleeve on her outstretched arm bugs me and then one strand of her necklace is apart from the other one and her right earring is messed up and IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. :P

Adventurous Leyla is waving goodbye! :D

Now that I’ve shared something random neat, it’s your turn!

Comment below with the link to your doll blog or site, youtube channel, or other online doll site (it must be family-friendly and about dolls/toys). Then I’ll put it up here for all to see!


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