(Pssst—it’s 6:26 A.M. on Wednesday as I type this. I’ve had caffeine equivalent to three entire cups of coffee. I just pulled an all-nighter. I’M DYING. If you see me say anything weird in this post, don’t worry, just know IT’S LACK OF SLEEP WAAA.)

T.G.I.F. Do you know what that means? Thank God It’s Friday! You know why we thank God it’s Friday? We do it sarcastically because we get to suffer through another one of Madi’s CCC tutorials! >:)

Today I’ll show you how to make this super cute Santa hat Chloe is wearing! Even though I don’t believe in Santa, wearing this festive little hat myself helps me ease into a more celebratory spirit, ’cause I’ve been stressed lately (HENCE THIS ALL-NIGHTER DO YOU SEE WHAT STRESS IS DOING TO ME).

… it would help if I hadn’t actually lost my Santa hat. XD

To make this cute and easy craft…

You Will Need:

  • red pants leg (I used some sparkly red leggings I had grown out of, but you could also use a red sweater sleeve).
  • white felt
  • hot glue gun
  • white pom-pom
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • hair elastics
  • an adult’s permission to use the hot glue gun to make something this epic
  • unless, of course, you’re making this craft at FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING AND YOUR MOM IS ASLEEP not that you ever ask for permission anyway >:)

Sweater, pants leg. Both red, both stretchy.

Step 1

Cut your pants leg like shown at 6 or 7″ up the side. I cut mine at 6 1/4″, but the hat ended up being just a tad shorter than I wanted, so I think 7″ would be better.

Entrust your handy-dandy little model to hold the fabric scraps for you. ;)

Step 2

Slip the bottom of the pants leg over your doll’s head and make sure it fits the way you want it.

It should fit, but if not, you could stretch it to make it bigger or cut and sew it to make it smaller.

Step 3

Cut a long strip of your white felt to be the white banding around the brim of the hat.

Step 4

With the hat on your doll (it must be on the doll while you glue the felt on), hot glue the felt around the brim.

Hah, who are we kidding. Be as reckless as you want!

… actually…

Be very careful you don’t melt your doll’s head or hair. XD Keep your glue up toward the top of the white felt strip instead of at the bottom where it could gush out and get on your doll’s hair… like mine did.

Dab little drops of hot glue a little ways away from each other instead of one continuous line of glue around the entire hat.

If your strip of felt wasn’t long enough (mine wasn’t), cut a little extra strip to cover any space that still shows.

When you take your hat off the doll, it’ll look a little funky! Don’t worry, that’s normal. ;)

Step 5

Gather the edge of the hat, bunch it together, and secure it with a hair elastic or two.


Step 6

Before you hot glue the pom-pom on, trim the little tuft poofing out from the bunch the hair elastic makes. You want as little fabric here as possible, but don’t cut too close or the elastic will fly off!

Step back and take a look at the little mess you made, wish you could’ve made it bigger, and plan to never clean it up.

Step 7

Hot glue the pom-pom on, and BAM. You have yourself an adorable doll-sized Santa hat!

See what I mean about the length, though? 7″ would’ve been a lot nicer.

Chloe loves her Santa hat! She likes to wear it while organizing these presents from the Secret Santa gift exchange my dolls are doing. It’s getting pretty disastrous, though…

If you made a Santa hat for your doll, I would absolutely love to see!

You can send pictures of any CCC craft (2016 or 2017) to me at madison[at]powerofGOD[dot]com or Light4theLord at dollsnall4ever@gmail.com! Your photos will be featured in the Christmas Craft Collab Recap on Christmas Eve.

You could also make this in different colors! My (sadly lost) Santa hat is actually made out of a purple sequined fabric.

6:49 A.M. now. Not bad. How’s my sanity, guys? Am I gonna regret scheduling this in my current state of mind? ?

P.S. I checked my P.O. box on Tuesday and got a ton of your cards! I’m SO excited, I can’t wait to send you all cards back!! YOU GUYS ARE THE SWEETEST. :’)