(you might want to read part 1 first if you haven’t already.)

IMG_4645“NOBODY STOLE YOUR RING, JASMINE. CALM DOWN.” Cécile said, clearly annoyed. “How could you suggest such a thing, Josie?”

IMG_4646Josefina just shrugged, and fiddled with her hair ribbon.

IMG_4647Jasmine lined everyone up. “Already now, talk to me straight and no funny business! WHICH ONE OF YOU TOOK MY RING?”

IMG_4648“Was it YOU?”

IMG_4649“Or maybe you?”

IMG_4650“Someone better ‘fess up! Was it you, Josefina? Offering to spray  the perfume just so everyone could close their eyes and you could take it? What about you, Cécile? I heard you talking about how pretty it was just the other day and how you wished you had one just like it!”

IMG_4651“Jasmine!” Molly cried. “Nobody took your ring. We probably just forgot to look somewhere. None of us would ever steal your ring. Why would you think that?” Jasmine narrowed her eyes. “You’re one of my main suspects, Molly McIntire! You probably just said that so we wouldn’t suspect you, huh? Well too bad, you failed!”

Everyone was angry now, stirred up in some argument about the stolen ring.

IMG_4652All of the sudden, Coconut jumped up, quick as a blur!

IMG_4653“Coconut! Stop it!” Cécile cried.

But Coconut didn’t stop it. Out of the folds of her pretty skirt she pulled out…


IMG_4655“My ring!” Jasmine cried as she snatched it up. She slipped it onto her finger.

IMG_4656“CÉCILE?!!!! HOW COULD YOU TAKE MY RING?!” Jasmine shrieked.

IMG_4658“I’m sorry Jasmine! I-I-” she stammered. “I just thought it was so beautiful and I wanted to borrow it. Just for a little while. I was going to give it right back! I promise! I just didn’t want to ask you because I knew you would say no, I just knew it.”

IMG_4659“Oh Cécile, I love you so much! I would’ve let you borrow my ring if you asked! You didn’t have to steal it. You can borrow it anytime you want!” Jasmine said as she grabbed Cécile in a big hug. “Thanks, Jazzy! I love you, BFF!”

IMG_4660So much fuss over a ring, daring to hurt a friendship. Who knew?

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.59.36 PM


P.S. I made a cool video about this series. The video makes it WAYYYY more suspenseful then it really is. That’s probably why I love it so much. haha.