IMG_1631Molly here! Today, Emilie and I are having a playdate at Emilie and Jasmine’s place. Jasmine and Cecile went to go see the movies, and Josefina’s making snacks. Emilie’s reading a book, and I am practicing my splits. (like my hairstyle? Look out for a new post showing you how to do them soon!)

IMG_1632“Hey, Molly,” Emilie said to me, putting her book down. “Guess what? I volunteered to be an eye doctor’s helper last week. I get to wear a little volunteer badge and everything.”


“Wow, that’s neat, Emmi,” I replied, going a little farther in my splits.

“Molly?” Emilie asked. “Yeah, Emilie?”

“When’s the last time you had your eyes checked?”

That remark caught me off guard. I could see fine, couldn’t I? Why was Emilie asking this? “Umm…. I don’t know. Why?” I asked her, suddenly feeling alarmed. I didn’t like doctors very much.

IMG_1634“Here, read this,” Emilie said to me, tossing me her book she was reading. “You should have your eyes checked one or twice a year to make sure they’re working alright.” I looked at the book. I squinted. I turned the book upside down. Right-side up. I held it really close to my face.

Uh oh.

“It’s all blurry,” I said, barely choking down sobs as I handed it to Emilie. Was I gonna have to get glasses? I mean, I liked when I had my glasses last year, but when I got prayer I could see well again. What was wrong with my eyes now? Were they getting worse–again?!

IMG_1635“Emilie took back the book. “Oh Molly, tomorrow you need to get your eyes checked!” I gulped. I was really scared. I didn’t like doctors, and didn’t want glasses!

IMG_1636I looked in the mirror and blinked my soft grayish-greenish eyes. Was this the last time I would be looking at them without glasses?

Before I could think anymore, Josefina called us into the dining room for the snacks.

I am NOT looking forward to the eye doctor’s tomorrow!

Do you have glasses?


Very nervous Molly :(