IMG_1606Bonjour! Cécile here with my sister Josefina. We were invited to have a tea party with Emilie (Jasmine and Molly are arguing about their gymnastics routines. :P), and we can’t wait! But to get to where the tea party is hosted, we have to walk through a slight drizzle. :(

IMG_1607Luckily, mommy let us borrow a small umbrella she had!

IMG_1608Oh, rain, rain, go away! Can’t you come some other day? We want to have a tea party. But it’s hard to walk with you. Will we be late for Emilie? It’s one o’clock, will we be there are two? (haha, like my rhyme?)

IMG_1610Meanwhile, Emilie was busy getting things ready for the tea party. “Oh, I do hope they come!” she was saying to herself. “It’s already one-thirty. Certainly the rain can’t be that bad.”

IMG_1611“But, my, what an outstanding job I have done setting the table. But, oh, where are they?”

Right as she was thinking these things to herself, we stepped in, dripping wet.

IMG_1612“Oh, my, do come in!” She cried. “You are all wet, is the rain bad today? Do come in, and hang your shawl and hat up here, I will go get a towel for you to dry off.”

IMG_1613Once we were cozy and dry, it was time for tea!

“Cécile, would you like some tea?” Emilie offered politely. Of course, at tea parties, you are only to use your best manners possible. (promptly why Jasmine and Molly weren’t invited. let’s just say, they are a bit rambunctious. They didn’t even have a desire to go, for their type doesn’t belong at tea parties.) “Yes please, thank you, Emilie,” I responded.

IMG_1614I watched as she poured my cup full of delicious iced tea.

IMG_1615“Tea, Josefina?” Emilie asked as she came to her. “Yes, please, Emilie,” Josefina replied, smiling. She loved tea, almost as much as she loved tortillas.

IMG_1616And of course, no one could’ve forgot the delicious sugar!

I also requested some cream. Some tea is too strong for me!

After everyone had taken one or two lumps of sugar and stirred in their cream, and Emilie poured her cup, Emilie left and returned with..

IMG_1617A beautiful platter filled with delicious sweet treats! After all, who can have tea without something fine to eat? There were cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies, chocolates! My mouth began to water. They looked good. 

IMG_1620I take that back. They weren’t just good. They were tasty! No, yummy! No, delicious! No, scrumptious! No…DELECTABLE! I had two square chocolates and a cinnamon roll. Josefina had a brownie, a cookie, and a round chocolate. Emilie had a cookie and a round chocolate. And of course, we all savored the delicious tea!

“This tea is absolutely scrumptious, Emilie. Did you make it yoruself?”

“Yes, Cécile, I did.”

“You did a marvelous job.

“Thank you.”

“Pass the cream, please!”

“Here you are, Josefina.”


“De noda.”

“I didn’t know you knew Spanish!”

“I picked up a few words from you.”


“Josefina, that’s not what young ladies say at tea parties.”

“Oops, sorry, Cécile. Um, great brownies, Emilie!”

When it was time to go, Josefina and I were sad. We had a great time, acting like proper young ladies and eating marvelous tea. Though, Molly and Jasmine did run through screaming “DID YOU HEAR?!!!! THE NEW COMPUTER GAME IS OUT! MUST GET IT! THIS IS TOATS LEGIT, MAN!”. (they are quite hyper.)

IMG_1621Notice the centerpiece! I thought it was quite pretty. Emilie did a great job of decorating.

Have you ever played/been to a tea party before?

Or are you hyper like Molly and Jasmine? (:P :))



and Josefina, and Emilie!